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Fresno, CA (KFSN)-Lancia, fruit and milk are filled in the fridge while the old office has a crib with a blanket.

This is a new temporary living facility set up in an old university medical center for children in Fresno County waiting to be taken care of by foster parents.

The change occurs a few days after a social worker requests the change while showing pictures of children sleeping on the floor or desk of a child welfare office.

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The space became available this weekend after social workers called on Fresno County for children sleeping on the floors and desks of child protection services offices.

Authorities were unable to share a particular number due to confidentiality, but said there were young people in the facility consistently from Saturday, although not everyone had to spend the night.

Fresno County said the UMC location and the Clovis Child Welfare Center under construction are a short-term solution, as 2,700 children are receiving home care.

Fresno County said officials were unable to attend the interview on Monday due to ongoing meetings with state representatives to discuss long-term solutions.

Action News looked at how other Central Valley counties handle the acceptance of children awaiting placement.

Kern County, with a population of about 900,000, currently has 2,000 children receiving home care.

“They can come directly to the Jamison Children’s Center, a temporary shelter operated by the Human Services Department here in Kern County, or even directly into what is sometimes called an emergency foster parent,” the spokeswoman said. .. Jana Slagle, Executive Officer, Human Services Division, Kern County.

Temporary housing is funded by a combination of local, state and federal funding.

According to Kern County officials, the Jamison Children’s Center has nurses, behavioral health authorities, a cafeteria, and a garden.

“It’s designed to help kids in jeopardy and trauma. We want them to feel safe and comfortable there,” Slugul said. ..

In Merced County, officials said that when a child is taken out of the house, it will be taken to a family visit center in Merced County while social workers are looking for a placement or waiting for relative home approval.

The property has a break room with 7 visit rooms, a refrigerator, a microwave, a washbasin and a kitchen table. There are two cots that can be placed in one of the rooms as needed. All visiting rooms have sofas, tables and toy chests.

Two rooms have a TV with a video deck, and two rooms have a crib, a diaper changing table, and a rocking chair. There is a supply of board games, art, craft materials, children’s snacks and food.

According to authorities, the process of placing a child is usually hours, but can take a whole day.

Courtney Salam, Deputy Director of Child Welfare Services in Tulare County, said the identified resource family home was confirmed at the time of removal, after which the child was most often transferred from where the child was picked up to the resource family home. And the placement process takes place.

In certain situations, Sallam said the deployment process can take a considerable amount of time. She said he / she needs to be in the right resource home if there are multiple children to place or if there are young people with extensive support.

“Unfortunately, like many affiliated CWS agencies, it is often difficult to find a teenage placement in Turea County. As a result, children may wait long hours in the CWS office. Office stays range from hours to perhaps overnight stays, which has only happened a few times for teens in the last 90 days, “said Sallam. Stated in a statement.

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If your child stays at the Family Visit Center all night and cannot secure a home as soon as you wish, you may be able to stay longer at the facility.

The California Department of Social Welfare said in an email Monday that there was no up-to-date information available about the meeting with Fresno County, but authorities ensure that every individual youth has an appropriate placement plan. Said that a strike team to support the county was available.

UMC’s temporary housing facilities are not state-licensed, but the state’s Department of Social Welfare has stated whether the county could be penalized for accommodating children in non-licensed facilities. not. Instead, the state said, “At this time, the department will provide technical assistance and support so that county authorities can identify appropriate placements for these young people as soon as possible.”

The Supervisory Board will meet on Thursday at 10 am. The status of the Social Welfare Department and the new temporary facility is not on the agenda, but will be raised.

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