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Fresno, CA (KFSN)-Monday morning Bitwise Industries Located in downtown Fresno, the desk looks lonely.

This is because tech companies allow employees to join the company for a minimum of two hours and a maximum of four days a week. Some employees are currently taking unlimited paid leave.

Vice President Thilani Grubel admits that many companies have a stigma for using it. However, she said that was not the case with Bitwise.

“We’re the exact opposite here. Our leadership model is taking that time. In fact, my leadership requires all of us to take a couple of weeks now by the end of July.” She said.

Bitwise is one of the five recently awarded Fresno County companies. First 5 Child Friendly Business Awards..

Unlimited PTOs, flexible scheduling, and childcare allowance opportunities are the main ways Bitwise and other recipients develop a parent-friendly work environment.

Executive Director of First 5 said working parents are no longer looking for a company that offers a balance between work and life. They want “integration of work and life”.

“I work as an employee with my family. I am myself at work. To get the most out of me, I hire that I need to feel supported by all other responsibilities. I want the Lord to understand, “said Fabiola Gonzalez.

According to Grubel, she feels supported by her employees and can tell that she sees it in their performance. She added that this led to employee loyalty, increased productivity and lower turnover.

“We will definitely help all parents remove the barriers that they may have to work at their best potential,” Grubel said.

Made in Nature / Debbas Gourmet, Fresno Metro Black Chamber of Commerce, Legacy construction When Success Together, Inc.. It also won a child-friendly business award.

The first five have commended 83 local businesses since 2006.

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