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Fresno, CA (KFSN)-The day after a social worker talked about working conditions and children sleeping in a Fresno County office, Action News is learning when county leaders knew about the problem.

“It’s really a breakdown in this regard … There are different levels of breakdown, but as far as I’m concerned, we’re committed because we know one supervisor and a colleague on the board. To remedy the situation and ensure that these children receive the care they need, “said supervisor Nathan Magsig. “I think it’s absolutely scary to have children here in Fresno County who not only have to sleep in this situation, but ultimately face these challenges in their lives. “

Magsig said he was contacted by SEIU Local 521, a union of social workers in Fresno County, about two months ago.

He said it was when he learned about working conditions and children staying at the Fresno County Conservation Office while waiting for his home.

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“I talked about this with our CAO, and I know our CAO office is working on it,” Magsig said.

County administrator Jean Rousseau told social workers on Thursday that he had just learned about the situation.

“Yesterday really caught our attention,” Rousseau told social workers.

Friday Action News asked Rousseau about a warning from Magsig, who said he didn’t remember the conversation.

“If he shared it with me, I didn’t understand the situation I found earlier this week,” Rousseau said.

The Foster Care Oversight Committee was established 20 years ago after a similar situation in which children were placed in motels.

According to the mission statement, the committee oversees the Department of Social Welfare with a focus on providing information and recommendations to make the system more effective and efficient.

The committee is chaired by supervisor Sal Quintero.

Despite monthly reports from the Department of Social Welfare, Mr. Kintero said the condition of children sleeping on the county seat floors and desks was never noticed.

“If this problem persisted, it would have been important for the department head to notify the CAO and the board of directors,” Quintero said.

Mr. Kintero said he learned about the children sleeping on the floor when the union approached him earlier this week and showed him a picture.

He said he was shocked to hear it from employees rather than department heads.

“If it was something in progress, it would be unforgivable,” Kintero said.

I asked the mayor, the director of the social welfare bureau, and the deputy director for interviews, but said that they could not use it because they were preparing temporary housing for the university medical center on Friday.

On Thursday, Tricia Gonzales told social workers that she knew what had been going on for 20 years.

She said she raised the issue for “anyone, and anyone,” including her director, Delfino Neira.

In addition, two reports were submitted to the Supervisory Board in April 2017 and August 2021.

Gonzales said he details the complexity of the problem and its implications. “Obviously, listening to a story is different from listening to a report, but it was basically an attempt to say, this is where we are and we can’t wait.”

According to the minutes of the Commission’s June meeting, Deputy Director Tricia Gonzalez reported that “Permanent Planning Living Arrangements have dealt with children in the office almost every day,” but provided further details. Is not …

Rousseau says he has more say about how the sector is doing business as he is considering the possibility of changing the foster care oversight committee.

He said the temporary housing facilities in the UMC building are almost complete and should be ready for children in need from tomorrow morning.

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