Fresno developer files lawsuit against city, councilmember – Fresno, California

Fresno, California 2021-09-22 21:19:36 –

Fresno, CA (KFSN)-A new proceeding by Tutelian & Company accuses Fresno councilor Miguel Arias of pay-to-play.

According to the proceedings, Cliff Tuterian alleges that Arias sought election donations in exchange for help in dealing with the city of “Parking 2” along Fulton Mall.

Tutelian also claims that his request for extensions has added conditions that are different from those of other developers.

The proceedings are filed after the city has denied Tutelian’s claim for damages. Arias calls the proceedings groundless.

Instead, Arias claims that he was contacted by Mr. Tuterian’s representative, who offered to withdraw the claim in exchange for the sale of the parking lot without a public bidding process.

In a statement to Action News, Arias partially stated: Mandated by law and city policy. “

Legal analyst Tony Capozzi read the proceedings.

He wants to know if a blackmail claim or a pay-to-play claim was made to the FBI by either party.

He also points out that at the end of the proceedings, the developers are seeking to agree to return to their original plans.

Capozzi says it’s not uncommon, but wonders what the motive behind it is.

“Maybe this is a tactic to come to the table in the city and see if we can proceed like the first,” Capozzi said.

Councilor Garry Bredefeld said the proceedings were natural to him.

“I think the proceedings speak for themselves and encourage people to read them,” he said. “It’s a disgusting, shameful exhibition by the councilor, and we’ll see how it unfolds.”

Councilor Mike Karbassi said he supported the refurbishment plan with Tutelian & Company, and developers have the right to sue if they decide it suits them, but councilors focus on the city rather than attacking each other. He said he wanted to continue.

“The fight against fire goes nowhere,” he said.

This all happens just three months after Lisa Smitcamp, a Fresno County lawyer, publishes an investigation into a possible Brown law violation involving the city council.

The discussion is said to have involved most council members on Fresno’s decision on Granite Park.

According to Brown law, all meetings of local legislative bodies must be open and open.

The city of Fresno states that it cannot confirm or deny the FBI investigation at the city hall and cannot comment on the proceedings in dispute.

Mayor Jerry Dyer says he wants to reassure residents that the city remains focused on its work.

“Regardless of the distractions there, we are very mission-oriented and purpose-oriented, and we continue to expect people from the government, which is to serve them,” he said.

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