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Fresno, CA (KFSN)-Meet Liz and John Grabowkushi.

The Fresno couple is starring in TLC’s new reality special called “Born With Albinism,” which follows their daily lives with five adopted children from China.

Born With Albinism, which premiered last month, has a unique story in Grabowski, like most family-centric reality shows on the network.

The four adopted children have albinism. This is a rare hereditary disorder in which the skin, hair, and eyes are barely or completely uncolored.

Mei does not have albinism like her brothers, but she is dealing with the challenges of nerve damage in her arms.

“We ride our bikes, go down the streets and hike. It sounds weird, but everything works and they can do it,” said John. “I think we just learned that there are lots of accommodations designed to allow you to do a lot of things.”

TLC introduces the daily challenges of Grabowski’s face. Three children are legally blind (a common side effect of albinism) and one has delayed mental development.

“One of the reasons we did the show was to educate people and present the fact that disability doesn’t define you,” Liz said. “And you can overcome and set everything you want to do.”

Their skin is so sensitive to light that families have learned how to adapt and manage the challenges they face.

Liz homeschools her kids, but always finds time to take them outdoors. That means using a lot of sunscreen. Grabowksi says it will buy in gallons.

“You want to be protected from the sun, so we wear hats, glasses, and sunscreen,” John said. “Perhaps everyone needs to wear sunscreen, based on what we know. It’s a normal process for us.”

But when it comes to how the family was portrayed on television, the kids gave it various reviews.

John and Liz have no plans to adopt another child, but they never say nothing.

Their stories can be found on TLC and Discovery +.

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Fresno family featured on TLC’s ‘Born With Albinism’ Source link Fresno family featured on TLC’s ‘Born With Albinism’

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