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Fresno, CA (KFSN)-Cinco de Mayo got off to a bad start at a Latin American restaurant in northwestern Fresno when a thief broke early Thursday morning.

Sabor Cocina wanted to run a big company on May 5, but the profits could be used to pay for about six months of damages caused by the third robbery here. I have.

Surveillance cameras recorded several different angles of thieves invading Fresno’s Fig Garden Loop restaurant around 5 am

The restaurant owner was planning to come to Cinco de Mayo early, but not so early.

“Go to the store, buy a chain and lock the doors to prepare yourself not to come here tonight, because that’s what we have to do,” says owner Alberto Torres. I did. “The door will not lock.”

Torres and Santos Alevallo don’t think this guy stole anything from them, but they think he broke the alarm system and tried to calm their alarm system.

And the robbers attacked twice in the last few months.

Two weeks ago, a thief stole an electronic device.

In October, the scammers did much more.

“They took the money,” Torres said. “They took the electronics. They took the wine and a lot of things.”

The restaurant owner doesn’t think the same person broke all three times.

Repeated robbery is a financial burden as insurance covers only part of the loss.

Also, people who have experienced homelessness in the area since its opening in 2015 have been a problem.

They were able to spend the night cleaning up the morning and offering Cinco de Mayo specials to margaritas and appetizers in an attempt to make the business a more difficult goal.

“From now on, we will focus on meeting the expectations of our guests tonight,” Torres said.

They reported all three robbery to Fresno police, but did not get the latest information on any of the investigations.

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