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Fresno, Calif. (KFSN)-Update: After an emergency meeting, members of the Fresno City Council have stated that from September 6th, Fresno City employees are obliged to vaccinate or have weekly tests. ..

The original story is as follows:

The number of COVID infections is skyrocketing again, allowing Fresno to carry out compulsory vaccinations and frequent tests on its employees, following Los Angeles, Long Beach and California.

They are holding an emergency meeting on Thursday to discuss it.

Councilor Miguel Arias says the ICU’s lack of beds is making it urgent and the hospital is remodeling the conference room to accommodate patient beds again.

However, Mayor Jerry Dyer states that it may be illegal to fulfill employee obligations at this time.

The new rapid spread of COVID-19 may be sneaking up on Fresno’s Town Hall.

“On Monday, there were 5.5 people per 100,000 population,” Mayor Dyer said Thursday morning. “As of this morning, we were at 7 o’clock.”

At that point, his “COVID czar”, Greory Barfield, began to provide him with the latest statistics.

“Oh, eight? Eight in Fresno County?” Dier said. “8.4. That’s how much I jumped from Monday.”

New infection rates and hospitalizations in Fresno County almost doubled last week.

Most of the city councils tell me that I should consider obliging city officials to be vaccinated and to be tested frequently.

But there is one holdout.

“I’m against the vaccines that people are obliged to do, so I’m going to oppose the vaccines that are obligatory for Fresno city employees,” said Councilor Gary Bredefeld.

Mayor Dyer can enact a mandate himself, but he says the city’s law firm has the legal opinion that vaccines cannot be delegated until full FDA approval is obtained.

Currently, the COVID vaccine has an emergency use authorization.

Full approval may come soon next month, but it can take longer.

Members of the council have pointed out the obligations of vaccines and tests from other cities and private organizations, stating that there is an urgent need to act swiftly with the proliferation of new viruses.

“Frankly, in my view, I don’t like it when only a quarter of the employees who are essential to running the city are vaccinated,” said Councilor Miguel Arias.

City officials say Thursday night’s meeting could end with a new mission to the mayor’s employees, but if not, the city council could devise its own new rules at the next meeting in August. There is sex.

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Fresno likely to enforce vaccine, testing mandate for employees Source link Fresno likely to enforce vaccine, testing mandate for employees

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