Fresno man found guilty of murdering unborn child – Fresno, California

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Fresno, CA (KFSN)- Note: The above video is from a previous broadcast and will be updated.

A Fresno man was found guilty of murder and other charges after colliding with a pregnant woman’s car and killing a foetation.

According to Fresno police, 22-year-old Jimmy Keohosie used a lot of stimulants and tried to escape the police, but passed the stop sign twice last August and collided with Olive’s Toyota Camry. ..

The accident seriously injured another driver, Aura Ayala Escalante, and killed the foetation.

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On Tuesday, a Fresno County court convicted Keohosie of murder, driving under the influence of drugs, reckless driving, and tax evasion from police who caused the injury. His decision is scheduled for July 7.

On the day of the accident, police tried to stop Keonhothy because the car he was driving matched the one involved in the recent shooting.

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Keonhothy also has an extensive criminal history.

He has been arrested for more than 10 cases of vehicle and multiple theft and robbery.

Inside the car, police also said there was a gun in the car along with other illegal drugs.

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Fresno man found guilty of murdering unborn child Source link Fresno man found guilty of murdering unborn child

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