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There are benefits to knowing someone really well. It’s the experience of twins Angela and Mark Sogomonian.Both are juniors, both major in biochemistry, and both are student leaders in Yang and Bad. Richter Center For community engagement and service learning at Fresno State University.

“Working together has always been fun, and working with each other has been much more productive than working with someone else.

“… because we know each other well,” Angela said after completing Mark’s decision. “We know our weaknesses. We know our strengths. That is, when we are doing something together, such as in a lab, we know each other well, so It automatically knows who does what. We know who does this task better. Need to take notes? Should you react? And it’s always It worked that way. “

Currently, my sister Olivia, who majors in mathematics and chemistry, is also participating in the Richter Center.

Sogomonians are part of a long-standing service culture in Fresno. Thanks to the efforts of more than 12,690 students and faculty, the university again provided more than one million hours of service in 2020-21. This is the 12th consecutive year that Fresno State University has provided more than a million hours of service.

“Fresno State University is a clear national leader in coordinating our education, research and professional activities to meet the needs of our region and the world,” said President Saúl Jiménez-Sandoval. “These million hours of service during the pandemic are a brilliant proof of our commitment to make our world a better place. Universities across the United States have talented, dedicated faculty and students. We see our Richter Center as a gold standard on how we improve the quality of life in our community. I am fully invested in our sincere commitment to our community. I am very proud of the faculty and students. “

The data collected due to the annual service impact of the Richter Center on community reports has recorded a total of 1.23 million hours of service. The total economic impact of the service is estimated at $ 41.3 million, based on calculations from. Independent sectorA national non-partisan network of non-profit and charitable organizations and professionals.

The services provided are from short-term activities such as blood donation Central California Blood Center When Valley Children’s Day for Healthcare Up to 156 on average Service learning course Long-term educational internship with a local school district.

Both Angela and Mark attended a college high school on the campus of Fresno State University, where they came into contact with Fresno before becoming a college student.

“When we two joined Fresno as freshmen, we really wanted to get involved in community services,” Angela said. “We had food banking experience in high school, but we wanted to try something new and build a long-term relationship with our agency.”

With that goal in mind, they attended the Richter Center’s Academy of Service Leadership. Only new students can attend this academy. Since then, they have helped tutors in the Fresno area and helped classes during the pandemic.

“It was really fun to volunteer together,” Mark said. “It’s interesting to see how we can work with others and how we can all work together to complete a task or work on it.”

And their experience at the Richter Center has helped them build confidence.

“We had the opportunity to hold a meeting and share our experience, which gave me confidence in my work and allowed me to look back on my work.”

Soghomonians encourage others to give back to the community with their talents.

“If you like volunteering and are passionate about helping others, join us. [the Richter Center] That’s because it encourages you to share your experience, “said Angela. “It encourages you to become a leader … and you will be able to attend meetings and share your thoughts with other students.”

Fresno State exceeds 1 million hours of service for 12th straight year Source link Fresno State exceeds 1 million hours of service for 12th straight year

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