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Wade Gilbert, right, mental performance coach of Canada’s national softball team.

In high school Dr. Wade Gilbert It was voted “most likely to go to the Olympics”. Thirty-three years later, the emotions of the fun yearbook came to fruition.

Gilbert, a teenage multisport athlete, is currently an internationally renowned coaching consultant, sports scientist, and professor of sports psychology at Fresno State University. With his expertise, he has come to Tokyo as a coach for the 3rd place Team Canada Softball Team for the 2020 Summer Olympics all over the world.

For Ottawa from Canada, representing her home country on the biggest stage of sport is an indescribable feeling.

“You never know what life is waiting for you,” Gilbert said with a smile. “I have this wonderful opportunity to support these world-class athletes in the Olympics, the pinnacle of their profession.”

Team Canada will defeat Mexico 4-0 on July 20 to open the Olympic Games and face Team USA. PDT at 5 pm on Wednesday, July 21, At NBC Sports.Team USA Assistant Coach Laura Berg Formerly an All-American at Fresno State University Fresno, he has been an Olympic athlete four times. She is currently the head coach of Oregon.

Gilbert left Fresno for Anjo, Japan almost three weeks ago for pre-Olympic camp and training. He is one of the seven coaches of the Canada Women’s National Team. In Gilbert’s clear role, as a mental performance coach, his goal is to prepare athletes for play, leveraging the skills to build the ability to perform at the highest levels of mental and physical performance in team and individual settings. Is to help you.

“In the last two years, there have been many curriculums focused on images, relaxation techniques, or how to deal with pressure,” Gilbert said. “But during the Olympics, it’s available when they have moments of doubt and anxiety, and to enhance those tools. We chat and” you have this. ” Reminds them. They are ready and one of the best teams in the world. “

Team Canada captain Victoria Hayward said Gilbert is an absolute game changer for her and her 15 teammates.

“Wade has this innate ability to connect with us,” Hayward said. “He helped guide us on a journey, both individually and collectively, and explored things we’ve never tried before, such as brain priming, meditation, and visualization. It stretched us out to do it, and at the same time reminded us of what we were already doing. Having it is enough to achieve our gold medal dream. As a high-performance athlete, I could hardly stand it, and he simply said, “I can’t rush the river.” That metaphor and visualization stuck to me so much that it was what I said to myself before every turn at bat. “

Wade Gilbert, Faculty of Athletics, Fresno State University.

Wade Gilbert, Faculty of Athletics, Fresno State University.

In addition to working with athletes, Gilbert has also worked with coaching staff to help build leadership skills that strengthen the development of teams and athletes.

Gilbert’s journey with Team Canada began in 2014 when he met head coach Mark Smith, who was attending the coaching tournament Gilbert was talking about. Simple chats led to inevitable relationships and gave Gilbert a chance to help the team achieve their Olympic dreams. He started by providing exclusive support to his coach and eventually began working with athletes in 2019.

At that time, Gilbert had a contract with the US Olympic and Paralympic Commission as the lead author of its quality coaching framework and as a consultant in the coaching education sector. This is the role he played for six years. His independent work with coaches and sports teams spans continents, speaking and consulting in Singapore, Japan, Finland, Canada, Portugal, Spain, Scotland, Australia and New Zealand.

This year’s game is unique. As the number of cases of COVID increased in Japan, Japan declared a state of emergency and banned all spectators. During pre-Olympic training, Gilbert and Team Canada athletes and coaches remained isolated, interacting only with each other and returning straight from the room to the practice area. Currently, in the Olympic Village, the team remains isolated except during competition, so it hasn’t changed much.

For coaches who focus on the athlete’s mind, body, and spirit, this was a rare challenge for Gilbert, but this setting allows the athlete to truly focus on the game without distraction.

When not helping athletes win gold medals, Gilbert was a longtime professor of athletics at Fresno State University and has taught in the Graduate School of Sport Psychology program for the past 21 years.

Gilbert looks forward to sharing his Olympic experience at the Tokyo Olympics with his students when he returns to spring, and is grateful that the university has given him the opportunity to pursue his passion beyond the classroom. Said that.

Jenna Vis, a former Gilbert student, said the learning gathered from Gilbert was immeasurable.

“Dr. Gilbert’s coaching experience with world-class coaches and athletes has been very helpful in studying at Fresno State University,” said Vis. “For the past few years, my classmates and I have had numerous conversations in class with top college, professional, and Olympic-level coaches and athletes facilitated by Dr. Gilbert. These conversations and these elites. Dr. Gilbert’s own experience with the team creates a fountain of knowledge as the conflict between academia (research) and elite performance unites. The application between what is happening in the sports world and what is happening in the academia. , It’s rarely an influential match like here. “

Gilbert is one of the few Fresno State University graduates and faculty members to attend this year’s convention.In addition to graduates Berg and Lauren Billys (equestrian, Puerto Rico), kinematics faculty Brig Beatty I will be in charge of beach volleyball at the Tokyo Olympics.

Two Fresno State University graduates happen to teach courses on a campus called “Olympic History” when he is not in charge of professional tournaments. Beatty, who is also part of the history of the Olympic Games, has taught various courses within the department for nearly 20 years.

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