Fresno’s Precision River K9 Training Related to Multiple Dog Death or Hunger – Fresno, California

Fresno, California 2020-10-07 03:15:01 –

Fresno, CA (KFSN)-There is growing anger at Fresno’s pet training facility after some families say they have lost their dogs.

Broken heart pet owners unite to find answers about missing, “sick”, and dead animals-there’s one common link-they’re all Fresno’s Precision River K, run by Sararose. -9 was under the control of training.

Action News obtained documents and veterinary records from pet owners as part of the investigation.

Created a timeline of their claims to the training facility.

  • In October 2019, a female pitbull named Stormy went to the facility for boarding and training. She died on February 4th of this year. Her photo was posted by the rescue of a bully. Rescue teams are still getting veterinary records and trying to summarize how and why Stormy died.
  • On August 5, two Doberman puppies, King and Kano, were trained at the facility. Owners say King died on August 25, but they weren’t informed about the death until September 24, when they picked up the girlfriends they say were in a debilitated state. The veterinarian confirmed that Kano was hungry, but thankfully he survived with emergency medical care.
  • On August 17, Giant Schnauzer Maggie, who belongs to Ron and Judy Kelly, went missing from Precision River K-9. Business admitted that dogs were “away from them.” Maggie was found dead in northwestern Fresno on Monday.
  • “I want to bring Sarah Rose to justice. If that means closing her business and never dealing with someone else’s pet, that’s good,” Ron Kelly said. “Everyone needs to understand that Maggie isn’t with us, and that’s why,” he said.

    Kelly’s launched a Facebook page about their loss and called for action.

    They say the man found Maggie on Monday, but when they arrived at their dog, it wasn’t what they expected.

    “Her body seemed dead for quite some time, but her body was only there from Thursday. There were no flies or maggots … she was straight from her all the time. She had an incision and had a chest in her pelvis and no organs in her body (right). No blood, “Kellys said.

    The owners of the two Doberman puppies taking care of the Precision River k9 training are resentful of his loss. Judas Iscariot says one dog King has died and another Kano has been confirmed by a veterinarian to be hungry.

    “The way I found my dog ​​… no other dog needs to go through it. Period. When you pick up your dog, it’s just skin and bones, when you drop him down He was a playful puppy. He looked scared. You shouldn’t be allowed to be around her (Sara Rose) dog. “

    Action News went to Precision River K9 training and talked to the staff. They said they had nothing to do with Sarah Rose anymore, but they stand behind the quality of dog care.

    “This place is great. One of the hardest parts of everything is to listen to all these stories … it’s not such a place. No matter what Sarah did, she Regardless of who is angry with … don’t blame this staff. “

    Action News has contacted Sara Rose. Sarah Rose has sent a document showing the ongoing criminal and civil investigations on the counts of slander and defamation, and the threats to Precision River K9 and its staff.

    Regarding the death of the Doberman puppy king, Rose sent a statement to Action News:
    “These claims are not only ridiculous, but also an ecstatic fabrication of truth and facts made by the owner or an uninvolved third party.”

    Regarding Maggie the Giant Schnauzer, Rose claimed she was under constant threat due to the social media enthusiasm associated with these incidents. Currently, the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office is involved.

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