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Freyr and Elkem have signed a memorandum of understanding on the commercial supply of anode active material (AAM) to Freyr’s lithium-ion battery cell (LiB) facility under development at Mo i Rana, Norway.

Elkem and Freyr to establish long-term AAM supply agreement, including battery graphite and high-content silicon battery material, for Freyr’s first pilot production line, 2-25 GWh fast-track facility, and subsequent two-phase 32 GWh giga. I will work on it. -factory.

The agreement also includes co-development of new high performance AAMs and new technologies and industrial scale testing to provide battery cells with high energy density and improved safety at low cost.

Elkem is a global supplier of advanced materials, currently building a pilot plant for battery graphite in Kristiansand, Norway, conducting important R & D activities related to it, and battery materials known as Northern Recharge in Heroya, Norway. We are developing a potential large-scale plant for production.

The agreement is to partner with a local supplier to produce eco-friendly battery cells with significantly reduced carbon dioxide emissions using locally sourced materials and 100% renewable low-cost energy. It’s in line with Freyr’s ambitions.

“We are very pleased to include Elchem ​​in our rapidly expanding ecosystem of suppliers and customers,” said Tom Einer Jensen, CEO of Frey.

“The long-term supply of high-performance, competitive AAM to battery cell production facilities in northern Norway is the central catalyst for competitive battery cell production.

“By combining high-performance AAM, manufacturing technology, and a safe, stable, long-term supply of 100% renewable energy, we enable Freyr to provide the most efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly battery cells to all market segments. I’m continuing.

“Elchem ​​can be Frey’s strong supplier of anode materials in Norway. With this initial agreement, we have the long-term ambition of further cost and improved environmental footprint in the field of materials. You can secure the supply.

“Together, we can establish a sustainable, resilient and cost-effective local supply chain to support the Norwegian, Scandinavian and European battery industries and ecosystems.”

Stian Madshus, VP and President of Elkem Advanced Battery Materials GM Europe, said: “The market for better eco-friendly batteries is growing rapidly. Elkem aims to establish a competitive position in this market and contribute to the strong European battery industry. Renewable hydropower Build a new Norwegian export industry based on.

“We have a keen interest in the market from several battery manufacturers on the European continent and the emerging Norwegian battery industry. To Freia and MoU to explore the possibility of future commercial supply agreements with Elchem. We are pleased to be able to sign. Scale-up of Elchem’s new silicon-graphite composite. “

In July of this year, Freyr received SEK 130 million (US $ 13.6 million) as pre-construction equity financing for Norway’s first lithium-ion battery cell (LIB) facility, with strong local and regional support. I succeeded in procuring.

On October 15, Freyr announced the first agreement with Siemens Energy to supply battery cells for marine and energy storage system applications.

Freyr has raised its development ambitions to a total battery cell capacity of 2-25 GWh + 32 GWh for the Mo i Rana. This business is one of the largest in Europe and manufactures lithium-ion battery cells (LIB) through a partnership-based approach.

Freyr continues to expand its value chain, establishing formal relationships related to technology, raw material supply, equipment and machinery, production systems and customers.

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