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Friends, colleagues mourn Connecticut officer killed in Las Vegas crash | News – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-09-19 17:58:00 –

New Haven, Connecticut (AP) — A Connecticut police officer died in a crash The involvement of other Las Vegas executives is remembered as he had a positive impact on his colleagues and the communities in which he served.

Seven-year veteran Joshua Castellano died early Friday after Rolls-Royce, driven by New Haven companion Robert Ferraro, approached the intersection at high speed and collided with a parked car and other objects. I did.

Castellano was kicked out of the car, but Ferraro and the other four on it were slightly injured. Ferraro has died on suspicion of drunk driving, is facing reckless driving and is on vacation. Deputy Chief of Police, New Haven, Lenny Dominguez said the agency would conduct its own investigation.

A Connecticut driver accused of a fatal crash in Las Vegas was released on bail on Saturday for $ 100,000.

Ferraro was released on bail on Saturday with a $ 100,000 bail. According to court records, he issued the bond by Sunday afternoon.

Castellano joined the unit in 2014 and has recently been assigned to the unit’s Shooting Task Force.

He had a lasting impact on his colleagues, the wider New Haven community, fellow executives and friends. Said New Haven Register. They recalled that he dressed as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle at the department’s Halloween event and played with fellow officers and residents at the “Cops and Ballers” basketball event.

“He will be there and happily come to work every day,” Dominguez said. “He was able to connect with anyone … he was the whole package.”

Best friend Alex Flores said Castellano was the best man at his wedding and the two were scheduled to play in the New York Giants game next weekend.

“As a police officer, I’m overwhelmed because you’re supposed to be a brother,” Flores told the newspaper. “It wasn’t even within the scope of my job. Everyone left, except for the best in the car.”

Ferraro’s next court day is scheduled for September 21st.

FOX5 contributed to this report.

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