Friends memorialize fallen DEA Agent Mike Garbo – Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona 2021-10-08 21:12:41 –

Tucson, Arizona (KGUN) —Sadness and honor as a law enforcement community in Tucson on Friday reminded me of Mike Garbo, the Drug Enforcement Agency, who was killed in a gunfight at Amtrak Station in Tucson on Monday.

When the hearse carrying Agent Mike Garbo arrived at Calvary Chapel, officers and agents were formed in solemn honor.

Friends and colleagues spoke heartily about Garbo’s heart for law enforcement. The dedication that led him from a police job in Nashville to a career at the Drug Enforcement Department, including a two-year fight against drug trafficking in Afghanistan.

On the day he died, Agent Garbo teamed up with the Tucson police and took him to an Amtrak train that stopped at Tucson.

Sergeant David Ortiz of TPD often worked with Garbo. He says. “Some of us died at the station that day. Everyone knew that outlaws were on the train. And that’s what many think about guns, money, and drugs. Regardless of whether or not. Mike said that among these outlaws were unidentified murderers, bank robbers, and members of violent gangsters who needed to be stopped. It will confuse their business. ” “

Some speakers said Garbo’s skills saved other officers and train passengers that day.

Currently, Lieutenant Colonel Ken Hunter is the Deputy Director of Arizona DPS. A few years ago he was Mike Garbo’s neighbor. He says he knew at a glance that MIke Garbo was a cop. Soon he learned that Agent Garbo was a model of skill, courage, and dedication, and taught him lessons that he remembered a few years later.

“There is always an effort to give. If you think you worked hard enough in the gym, there is more effort to give. If you think you are a good parent or a good spouse, there is more parenting to do. , I have more love to give. If I think I have improved my profession skills, I need to learn more. “

At the end of the service, a friend took Mike Garbo’s casket out and heard the sound of bagpipes ingrained in the warrior and police traditions.

When the service ended, there were more honors, including a rifle salute. Tradition says it is a signal that the survivors are ready to return to battle.


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Friends memorialize fallen DEA Agent Mike Garbo Source link Friends memorialize fallen DEA Agent Mike Garbo

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