Fritz’s defeat ends the hope of a breakthrough studded with overdue stars | Wimbledon 2022

THe hints at the grin of Colonel Sanders looking down from the KFC sign in the middle of a luxury boutique on High Street. Wimbledon The village has not been completely affected by the creeping Americanization of British culture in recent years. With the exception of the Williams sisters’ completely exceptional governance, how the trend is at the All England Club just below the road, where the once consistent US presence at the end of the championship business is almost sepia. It’s strange if it’s reversed to the memory of the last 20 years.

It looked a lot more similar at the opening stage of the acquisition of Center Court in the United States, which was talked about on Wednesday.When Taylor Fritz broke in his opening service game and was soon delayed Rafael Nadal Under the overcast sky after Amanda Amanisova surrendered to Simona Halep, the last remaining American player in Wimbledon’s singles draw seemed to be wiped out in a drama-free manner.

Until Fritz-one of the three Americans who defeated Nadaru this year-one of the three men-continues a heartfelt counterattack against the terribly compromised and horribly resurrected Spaniards. did. But his final defeat More than four hours later, in the fifth set of tiebreakers, expectations for a star-studded breakthrough finally disappeared in a tournament where Americans were significantly reduced to an unthinkable retrofit role. ..

Andy Roddick’s sudden retirement left the United States almost 10 years ago without an active men’s Grand Slam champion for the first time in 129 years since the start of what was then called the US Championship. And Venus and Serena Williams combined 12 of the 30 major singles championships at Wimbledon to win a total of 122 WTA titles, with Sloane Stephens and Sofia Kenin.

The 100th Anniversary Ceremony of Center Court on mid-Sunday clearly reminded us of how the United States once took the Wimbledon champion as a matter of course and kicked it out. He includes Pete Sampras, Lindsey Davenport, Andre Agassi and Chris Evert only in the open era. John McEnroe, Billie Jean King, Jimmy Connors, Martina Navratilova, Arthur Ashe, Stan Smith.

Anisimova’s candid defeat at the joint main event left only 24-year-old Californian Fritz. Fritz has been one of Wimbledon’s four most common Americans since 1999. He is the most grand slam since the 2011 US Open.

Pete Sampras was one of the regular US winners at Wimbledon during the open era. Photo: Dave Caulkin / AP

Fritz’s progress is the brightest highlight for US players in these championships, and the presence of the United States in half of men has felt so serious since the days of Sampras, Agassi, Jim Courier and Todd Martin. Is not …

Frances Tiafoe, 28th in the world to please the spectators, reached the 4th round and was on the verge of advancing to the second career major quarterfinal, but a 5 set 4 hours 36 minutes slug fest with the Belgians I was suffering from a short circuit. David Goffin. Tommy Paul also ranked 32nd, the highest in his career at Wimbledon debut, and last 16th before falling to Cameron Norrie.

And don’t forget the sparse “Let’s Go Brandon” chanting that struck the center court during the five-set defeat of Brandon Nakashima to Nick Kyrgios on July 4-coded vulgarity. (Link) Among Trump supporters – it provided the agenda with an unexpected splash of Maga Spice.

After defeating Alex Morchan in the third round on Saturday, Fritz said, “I think we’re very deep and we’re sending a message that we have a lot of strong players and are constantly improving.” Told. “I don’t think we’re getting all the attention because we don’t have the current Grand Slam Champion, one, two or three current guys in the world, but there are six to seven guys, all young. Top 40.

“There could be four or more in 16 rounds. We have a lot of depth and a lot of people who are constantly getting better.” His stubborn enemies with a ferocious serve. Defeating, hitting a bright orange racket with a forehand, and when Nadal demands physiotherapy for treatment during the set, Fritz’s first career win over the top five major opponents is appetizing. It looked, and it even appeared. His box was ready for him to reduce his losses.

But the biggest competitor the sport has ever known has responded to the towering myths of his production. While David Beckham bite, he became a tiebreaker following a nervous deal on the fifth set, and a broken service game. His fingernail in the royal box.

From there, Fritz could only be seen as a potential date with another first-time Grand Slam semi-finalist in the last four Fridays. And what could have been his signature victory ended as yet another chapter in Nadaru’s brilliant heavy book.

Fritz’s defeat ends the hope of a breakthrough studded with overdue stars | Wimbledon 2022

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