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From a PhD coach to an NCAA champion, good news continues in the BR’s 2020-21 prep sports cycle | High School Sports – New Orleans, Louisiana

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At the end of another high school sports year, there are always some pleasant stories about adding a little icing to the cake. Now, two people can start the “postseason”.

“Doctor” is a nickname used by many athletes. Liberty Boys basketball coach and athletic director Brandon White won the title last week.

White holds a PhD in Educational Leadership from the University of Southeastern Louisiana. 33-year-old White has been the Patriots head coach and advertiser for the past five years. Before that, I started my journey to get my PhD.

When White was an assistant coach for the Parkview Baptist, PBS head coach Don Green was currently a BRCC male coach and had a PhD.

“I was thinking about getting a PhD, but I didn’t know what to start with,” says White. “He (Green) took me southeast and introduced me to the people working in the program. I started there.”

Mr. White taught for two years and then spent more than two years working on his dissertation. He received his PhD in the same year, and the Patriots took a leap to new heights and entered the LHSAA tournament for the first time.

“Look … I got a lot of help along the way. My wife took on the extra work at home and with my daughter,” White said. “The assistant coach and the staff here also helped me by intervening when I needed it.”

Despite the help of my family and staff, White didn’t talk much about his PhD work to others, including athletes.

“It only comes out when a guy complains that it’s related to class or basketball,” White said. “And I usually say,’I’m also in school, so on the plate. I have a lot of things. “

Having a PhD could make White an attractive candidate for managers, but he doesn’t want to end his coaching career.

“We have already started the summer league,” White said. “Six seniors will be replaced, so there is something to do.”

Johnson wins national honor

Here’s another nice story. Former East Iberville golfer Julia Johnson contributed to Mississippi’s first national championship victory and won the honor of the top US team.

Johnson is part of the All-American Team of the Women’s Golf Coach Association after the NCAA Championship is over. She was elected to the US Open’s second team in 2019.

But the story doesn’t end there. Johnson was selected by the coach to get an exemption to play in the Marathon LPGA Classic. Johnson then granted his teammate Kennedy Swan an exemption.

Salmen hires Young

Former Lanels basketball coach Ben Young has been hired as Salmen High’s men’s basketball coach.

Young, a baseball and basketball Raiders star, coached the Raiders until the Division V title match in 2020, the year the school was closed.

In 2020-21, Young was Episcopal’s assistant coach.

App St. Kenny too

Former St. Michael and Louisiana State University player Jeanne Kenny have joined the Appalachian State University women’s basketball staff as assistant coaches.

Kenny was previously a coach at St. Michael. She left SMHS a year ago to become an assistant at Utah State University. Former Catholic High School coach Mark Casio also joined Appalachian State University staff this month.

Bear adds stove

Catholic High School didn’t take long to add staff for the new men’s basketball coach Derrick Jones, who was hired on Wednesday. Former Christian Life and UL’s outstanding Jonathan stove were announced Friday as assistant coaches.

Stove earned over 2,000 points, earned the honor of all states and all metros in CLA, and was a 1,000-point scorer in Cajuns.

Batista ranks nationally

LHSAA does not recognize women’s wrestling as another sport, but it does not stop East Ascension’s Junior Brianna Arauha Battista from gaining national rankings.

Batista is ranked 12th in the USA Wrestling Women’s £ 152 class. Batista and other girls compete in their school’s boy team.

Notable preparation

Ascension Christian baseball player Aubrey Gaslight moved to Mississippi-based Bell Haven last week.

Gaslight played as a shortstop, pitched in Class 1A Lions and earned an all-region honor from LBCA.

From a PhD coach to an NCAA champion, good news continues in the BR’s 2020-21 prep sports cycle | High School Sports Source link From a PhD coach to an NCAA champion, good news continues in the BR’s 2020-21 prep sports cycle | High School Sports

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