From Key & Peele to Keanu! Guide to the characters of “Toy Story 4”

Toy story I’m 25 years old. If you don’t know about Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Rex, Slinky, Ham, and Potato Head now, you need to be literally made of plastic. We love them. Some of them have friends.Rest assured that the original gang is still in spectacular play mode Toy story 4, Revolves around undulating adventures in amusement parks. But this time around, a weird, weird and completely wonderful beginner trunk road is in attendance.

Here is a summary of all your future favorites. Infinitely and … well, you know what it will be.

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voice: Tony Hale (((Veep)

Inside story: Now that Andy goes to college, young Bonnie, the proud young owner of all classic toys, makes forks from pipe cleaners and plastic spokes during kindergarten orientation. He is uninteresting and desperately tries to go home. Home = trash can.

Memorable line: “I’m garbage !!!!”

Why you love him: He is not the sharpest spoke in the drawer. Still, when Fokey realizes that Bonnie needs him and finds comfort in him, he embraces his new role in her life.

Pixar; Disney’s Jesse Grant / Getty Images

Gabby Gabby

voice: Christina Hendricks (((Good girls, mad Men)

Inside story: All this poor doll is dressed up and has nowhere to go. Her larynx, which is tied to her string, is broken, and she is being driven to the dusty shelves of an antique store. Do you know who has the larynx? Woody Cowboy (Tom Hanks).

Memorable line: “You have what I want.”

Why you love her: With her blinking eyes and sweet voice, Gabby Gabby may seem like an operational villain, but she’s just a doll that really wants to be taken home and loved. You can’t blame the girl for that.

Pixar; Disney’s Jesse Grant / Getty Images

Giggle McDimples

voice: Arai Maki (((Cloak & Dagger, Wreck)

Inside story: Giggle is Bo Peep’s small but witty friend (Annie Potts). She regained her when Bo sneaked into an antique store for rescue. And the back of her sheep.

Memorable line: “I’ll be coming soon.”

Why you love her: Great stuff in a small package.

Pixar; Michael Tran / Film Magic

Ducky & Bunny / Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele

voice: Keegan-Michaelky (Ducky) and Jordan Peele (bunny)

Inside story: These two pill crime partners are completely unsatisfied with hanging on the wall as a carnival prize. When they are finally released, they will join Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) Spectacular escape.

Memorable line: “Winner Winner Chicken Supper!” (You must be there)

Why you will like them: Don’t look at Ducky & Bunny as a tragic character that inflates and moisturizes your eyes.The· Key & Peele The star reunited and delivered a pure comedy high zinc. I’m going to bet a lot of money as the two improvised their dialogue.

Toy story 4 I’m in the theater on Friday, June 21st.

Pixar; Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

From Key & Peele to Keanu! Guide to the characters of “Toy Story 4”

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