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Kardashian Jenner and his wife are not only the icons of reality shows, but also business women with a broad real estate portfolio. See photos of all the mansions in Los Angeles.

When it comes to real estate, Sister KarJenner doesn’t mess up. From 23 years old Kylie Jennerof $ 36.5 Million Real Estate To Holmby Hills’ sister Kim Kardashianof very Reality Check stars, a uniquely designed home in Calabasas, own one of the most beautiful properties in Los Angeles. Just recently, it became clear Chloe Kardashian, 36, and Kris Jenner, 65, purchased a mansion adjacent to 3 acres of land in Hidden Hills. With new photosConstruction was underway at the property of two mega-condominiums built in 2020, which surfaced on April 30.

A source close to the family recently spoke Hollywood life Why TV stars turned into business women and why they’re so involved in the real estate market. “Kylie and Chris buy a lot of real estate purely for business purposes,” said the insider. “It’s a tax deduction, they’re smart businesswomen and it makes sense. Kylie is particularly enthusiastic about learning about the real estate market as a side project.”

“I think many people don’t know, but Chloe buys and sells real estate for the same reason. They will continue to do it. They may leave it here and there for their villa or another house. Maybe, but I’m not doing it for that particular reason. “Read more to see a breakdown of all the latest KarJenner homes.

Kylie Jenner’s $ 36.5 Million Mansion

Kylie Jenner’s mansion. Image: SplashNews.com

In 2020, Kylie left and purchased Carabasus, which is synonymous with the family name. Large real estate Located in Holmby Hills, California.Named Kylie ForbesThe youngest homebrew millionaire has bought several homes over the years and reportedly sees a wise investment when she sees it. Zillow’s list Has 7 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, 0.83 acres of land and 20 parking spaces.There is also a “chef’s kitchen, outdoor projection screen, home theater, bar, game room, gym and championship level illuminated sports court. You can. Check out the photos here!!

Kim Kardashian escapes from Calabasas

In 2014, Kim and her husband at the time Kanye West I bought a wonderful Carabasas house where I lived with them. 4 children: Daughters North, 7, and Chicago, 3, and son saint, 5, and Psalms, 1. In early 2020, Man reported Kris Jenner Kimye HQ has revealed that it’s worth a staggering $ 60 million. Kim’s rapper beau helped design a museum-style home that’s been talked about online. Mostly white walls, with neutral tones like beige, Kim’s favorite color. In April 2019, Skims The founder toured the couple’s house on video trend“73 Questions” gives fans a glimpse into the interior. very A mansion with a unique design.

Chloe Kardashian’s long-term villa

One of the most iconic Kuutoku The house is Chloe’s mansion with a baby For real grown!She bought a carabasas house Justin Bieber, But it was reported that she was in May 2020 Considering sale 11,000 square foot mansion. After purchasing for $ 7.2 million in 2014, Chloe has carefully refurbished a 6-bedroom, 7-bathroom mansion. It was the place where Chloe moved after breaking up with her husband at the time. Lamar Odom, And have seen her in many difficult times. In addition to her numerous bedrooms and bathrooms, this mansion has a magnificent backyard with a large rectangular pool and plenty of open green spaces that are widely featured on the show and her Instagram.

Kourtney Kardashian Mansion

The eldest son of the Cargenner clan. Kourtney KardashianOpened the door to her house in an interview with Architectural Digest.. She bought a Carabasas house from a professional football player who retired in 2014. Key Shawn Johnson $ 7.45 million. Her kitchen and living area has a modern gray color scheme, and gorgeous glass cabinets overlook neatly stacked plates, bowls and mugs. She also had her fans show her backyard at home. There, we stay outdoors and show movies for our kids and friends. Of course, the garden has a terrace with a private pool and sun loungers, as well as a basketball court. After all it is the Kardashian family!

Kendall Jenner’s Beverly Hills Home

Supermodel Kendall Jenner I live in a 6,625 sq ft Spanish-style house in Morholland Estates. Charlie Sheen. She bought back her home in 2017 and reportedly paid $ 8.55 million for luxury real estate. “My life involves a lot of chaos, travel, and high energy, so I calm down. I just wanted a home where I could feel, a place where I could just concentrate and relax. ” Arch digest When offering a tour to the outlets, she emphasized the warm organic textures, rustic tones and home furnishings of her home.

From Kylie’s $ 36.5 Million Mansion to Kim’s Carabasas House – Hollywood Life

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