From Minsk to Hong Kong, people’s power is no longer functioning | Will Hatton

TaIn the face of violent use of torture, illegal arrests, barbaric imprisonment without trial, and overt abuse of international law, the West was powerless. Europe, Is one of the darkest symptoms of our time. The strike at the Gdansk Shipyard, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and even the Arab Spring did not herald the arrival of a new era of democracy that we once wanted. Instead, the 21st century is being defined as a new era of agile dictatorship and vicious strong rule.

Foreign Minister Dominic Raab prepared for the British response. Forced landing last Sunday Britain’s reaction would have been so strong within the EU when flying over the airspace of a Ryanair jet by the Belarusian MiG-29 to secure the camouflaged detention of renowned democracy activist Roman Protasevich. Must have thought. Britain is now a small Lord Echo, weakening the West.This is part of the reason Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko can act with immunity because he refused to admit his loss. Last August presidential election..

Protasevic denied concern that his enemies might resort to such actions, which are likely to cause international turmoil. They do, but they are powerful in supporting the words of anger. The lack of collective action is most impressive. The EU has somehow agreed to a no-fly zone, primarily for their own benefit – the EU, which currently wants to fly over, Belarus? – If it lasts for a year, it will cost you Belarus Airfare costs about $ 200 million. It has also provided grants and loans of up to € 3 billion in case of the contingency of Lukashenko relinquishing power. The United States imposes sanctions on nine state-owned enterprises. But what about Belarus’ precious exports of potash? In Lukashenko’s words, penalties are easily dismissed.

The EU is wary. He doesn’t want to push Lukashenko further into Putin’s hug. The EU government fears that dictators threaten to flood the EU with immigrants and drugs accordingly. In any case, he reads his choices keenly. Belarus is the third most important recipient because he signed the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in China early. Chinese BRI cashIn addition, the EU proposal looks insignificant. Xi Jinping Jintao of China, Great Stone Industrial Park Outside Minsk as BRI’s “jewel”. Lukashenko notes that Germany relies on China for its markets and Russia for gas. He can set a new precedent for politicizing and invading airspace and avoid it.

Lukashenko is not alone. China breaks promises of treaty on Hong Kong, attack The rights of core citizens have not been seriously debated. Protests like Belarus have been effectively suppressed by leaders. Arrest Any precautions. Similarly, with a military junta coup, Aung San Suu Kyi Under house arrest. People’s power has stopped working.

why? First, the surveillance technology developed and refined in China has reached new effectiveness. Lukashenko does not blindly boast that other asylum-seekers will be arrested soon. “We know you at a glance,” he insisted last week. His brutal security services are already 400 political prisoners Under their belt, use state-of-the-art Chinese digital technology to identify and track suspects.

Second, the fact of China’s power and money, and the proposition that economic success lies in the necessary partnership between functioning democracy and sincere capitalism. Leaders believe that they can imitate China’s “Leninist capitalism” and are instructing the banking system to provide endless credit and control the population. To make matters worse, too. Many western companies and governments are colluding. They especially want export orders from China.

Third, the West, especially the United States, is fed up with war. Illegal intervention in Afghanistan and Iraq has failed, and the cost of lost lives and deformed bodies is too high. Democracy with an army of volunteers cannot send young men and women into war by ignoring international law and responding to focus groups without ultimately causing a counterattack. I’m not willing to let go to oppose the new dictator.

And, most evil, more and more parts of the Western political right no longer believe in genuine democratic practices. Democracy is a system that works as a whole, including elections and all the freedoms that underpin them. These are not just basic human rights. They are the foundation of good governance and civilization itself. They create a capitalist framework that does not fall into the monopoly of favoritism or sclerosis.

But in 2021, neither the majority of the US Republicans, the current British cabinet, the Polish and Hungarian governments, nor the opinions of many EU right-wingers believe in this practice or culture. Retaining political power, no matter how it is achieved, is too fascinating.See the British Tories Steal 2 million people Voting by ironically requesting an ID card at a polling place to prevent the fraud of non-existent voters. There are few political sanctions.

But don’t believe that Russia’s sleep-deprived political prisoner, Protasevic in Rome, was raped by sadistic guards. Alexei Navalny Or Hong Kong protesters Suffering in jail is someone else’s problem. The values ​​they suffer are inseparable and universal. President Joe Biden promises the pinnacle of democracy. He is right. We have to fight for our values ​​abroad, but just as importantly we have to live them domestically. It could cause your vacation plane to suddenly go down or be detained indefinitely without trial after a protest procession. be careful. Democracy is valuable. Attacks on it are our concern everywhere. Time to awaken yourself.

Will Hutton is an observer columnist

From Minsk to Hong Kong, people’s power is no longer functioning | Will Hatton

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