From Pirlo to No Go: What happened to the era of foreign MLS Megastars in New York? | New York City FC

New York has always been the most difficult issue in Major League Soccer. Many believe that the most culturally diverse cities in the United States, with proper cultivation, are hotbeds for sports.Still a quarter century, and two franchises, it’s impossible to avoid the senses later MLS I still don’t know the chance to eat a bite of big apple.

For years, the strategy seemed simple – attracting the largest names, attracting the largest crowds, and getting the most attention possible.Arrival of Thierry Henry New York Red Bulls In 2010, it was considered the most important MLS signature since David Beckham. Two years later, the club’s signature on Tim Cahill was just as unimaginative, but still emphasized its ambition to seduce celebrities from the European league.

New York City FC also won the baton by signing an extended season with David Villa, with Frank Lampard and Andrea Pirlo playing in the club’s first two years. However, since the latter retirement in 2017, the two rivals have avoided big bucks and well-known designated players, with or without choice.

The biggest addition to the RBNY in the 2021 season was Patryk Klimala, a Polish striker who scored only three times in 28 appearances at his last club, Celtic. Sports director Kevin Selwell believes the 22-year-old may be untapped, but his signature doesn’t attract fans to the Red Bull Arena like Henry and Kay Hill do.

Last week, NYCFC completed the transfer of Brazilian teenager Talles Magno at a record-breaking rate close to the club. In a unique way, this is the signature of the statement, and the 18-year-old man chose to move to Bronx, despite reports of interest from several top European clubs ().Including Liverpool). But at Yankee Stadium, he has rarely played before.

This is not necessarily a bad thing. For years, MLS has been ridiculing its dependence on aging stars. European fans have named the tournament a retirement home for declining players looking for a final paycheck. Some players, like Robbie Keane, have proved that this impression is wrong. Other, Like Steven Gerrard, Added to perception. If the MLS club is now investing in young and hungry players, it may help the league grow in the long run.

The big name signature doesn’t seem to fit the Red Bull model that made the energy drink brand one of the most prolific and talented growers in football around the world. The RBNY occupies its position in a structure where a series of satellite clubs feed their best young players (and managers) in the future-with Tyler Adams. Jesse Marsch finally arrived at RB Leipzig I jumped on Harrison’s production line. 17-year-old Caden Clark will be next to Red Bull’s business jet to Austria or Germany.

Thierry Henry acting for the New York Red Bulls against his former club Arsenal in 2011. Photo: Richard Heath Court / Getty Images

As part of City Football Group (CFG), NYCFC was able to establish a similar route in a feasible way. But so far, MLS-impressed Jack Harrison is the only player to win a transfer from NYCFC to Manchester City. In addition, Winger still needs to actually appear in the city, spending many seasons renting instead.

From the moment they were awarded the MLS franchise, CFG claimed that NYC FC would operate as an independent organization rather than as a sister club in Manchester City, with the exception of Lampard Gate for the first season so far. It ’s good for this vow. But this raises another question. Why were big names targeted early on? And why are they no longer targeted? What has changed?

Of course, the big name is still coming to MLS. The signing of Javier Hernandez by LA Galaxy in January 2020 was welcomed in several quarters as the most important addition to the league since Beckham. Last September, Inter Miami signed a deal with former Juventus and Real Madrid striker Gonzalo Higuain just a month after 2018 World Cup winner Blaze Matudi moved to Florida. ..

From time to time, speculations that connect Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo with stateside switches surface.Only this month, Luis Suarez revealed His desire to play in America.. However, these players are rarely linked to the two New York franchises. Instead, it’s two Los Angeles clubs and Inter-Miami are most often suggested as potential destinations. Even DC United, which links with Mesut Özil for spells, is sometimes mentioned.

New York is as attractive as Henry pitched 11 years ago. The brilliance of the United States, perhaps the most romantic city in the world, brings advantages to NYC FC and RBNY in terms of recruitment-many players want to live in Big Apple-but those benefits have been fully utilized these days No, at least not the obvious way.

No other sports city is as big as New York.Yankees The most valuable baseball team on the planet, Knicks is the most valuable basketball team and the Giants are there in the NFL team. However, according to the latest estimates by Forbes, neither of MLS’s two New York clubs is one of the league’s five most valuable franchises.

Neither NYCFC nor RBNY have won the MLS Cup. The former is still playing at the baseball stadium, but the latter is still struggling to attract fans to New Jersey. The creation of a second New York franchise in 2015 aims to revitalize the next big football city in the United States, but there’s still work to be done and both clubs will achieve this. I haven’t seen the famous signature as part of the strategy for. The days when stars such as Henry, Pirlo, Lampard and Villa were playing in New York are over and may not come back soon.

From Pirlo to No Go: What happened to the era of foreign MLS Megastars in New York? | New York City FC

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