From pornography to true crime stories, we must end the depiction of violence against women.UK news

ILast week there was a wave of anger at the treatment of women and there was a strong feeling that things needed to change. Individual actions form a cultural foothold that underpins violence against women. This means that it has the power to destroy these structures as needed.

We can start by changing our understanding and way of speaking about violence against women. It’s not an “isolated case”, Also, it’s not uncommon Despite the current claim that it is.Violence against women Exists in the continuum, Different forms overlap and their effects are cumulative. This applies not only to victims of violence, but also to perpetrators.

In this regard, we need to embrace the worldview that women experience.Tell women that we are Hysterical Talking about what we are doing to keep our fears and safety is very useless. It nourishes our doubts about our own experience, expects us to use our instincts to evaluate when we are at risk, and at the same time tells us not to trust ourselves. Tell you.

What is required of women Moderate panic.. You don’t have to panic enough. If something happens, it’s your responsibility. There are too many panics and you are delusional. It’s catch 22. This means that no matter what we do, women are doing it wrong. We need to begin to trust women’s ability to accurately assess risk,Safe workThey are required to limit their freedom.

More broadly, we are all involved in the dehumanizing structure of women. Recent research Regarding male sexual attacks, he argues that the eradication of humanity, especially the denial of female “human identity,” can be the driving force for men who commit sexual crimes. Simply put, some people do not consider women to be humans.

We must stop consuming and creating the expression of women, which is nothing more than a conduit for men’s behavior. Stop watching pornography that considers women endlessly interchangeable. It describes women only by skin color or hair color. It makes coercion and female disagreement sexual. If you don’t see it, stop scrolling past it by ignoring that you’re not colluding. Requests that this material be removed and will stop using porn until it is removed.

The discussion here goes far beyond causality. Recognizing that pornography has a social function. Pornography helps to recognize “what is important” as sexual practice and sexual pleasure, shaping ourselves and each other’s perspectives. Recent research According to me and a colleague at Durham University, one-eighth of the titles on the front page of the UK’s most popular porn website describe sexual activity that fits the World Health Organization’s definition of sexual violence. I understand. This is not a niche site or dark web issue, only the “bad guys” who are actively searching for this content. This is mainstream porn on mainstream sites and contains a mainstream message that sexual violence is sexy.

And it’s not just pornography. “True crime” often talks about violence against men and women. In many cases, these stories are rarely used to raise awareness of the harm of violence against women and to convey the humanity of victims.

Instead, the perpetrator becomes sensational and celebrated.I recently saw this Victim’s family Peter Sutcliffe asked Netflix to change the title of his crime series. They urged producers to remember that “the word” ripper “is related to tearing meat” and to recognize that its use praised violence and gave it the status of a celebrity in Satcliffe. .. Netflix says the show is “Sensitive review of crimeThe series was a huge success. Nothing changes until you stop watching.

Men need to speak when women are treated or spoken in a correct or disrespectful manner. It will feel uncomfortable, and you may be ridiculed, but men need to challenge other men about their attitudes and behaviors.As a society we need to raise children Gender constraints Limit who they are and who they can be. Simple actions such as changing the pronouns of children’s books (female characters can enjoy a rich life and adventure just like male characters) make it more and more difficult not to see women as human beings. Helps to build.

Finally, we need to make sure that our laws and policies recognize humanity. all Female.For example, immigrant women Deliberately left unprotected According to the current domestic violence bill. Last night the Lord passed an amendment to remedy this, but we need to continue to put pressure on it.the government Violence against women’s counselingTake advantage of the opportunity to tell all women that they deserve protection.

For women to be free and safe, they need to do more than increase Street lighting And monitoring. Last year we showed that our actions are connected. Individual decisions have consequences that spill over and affect us all. We can apply that understanding to this situation and recognize our role in supporting violence against women, excuses and a culture of making them erotic. We need change and now we need it. Women can’t afford to wait a long day.

From pornography to true crime stories, we must end the depiction of violence against women.UK news

Source link From pornography to true crime stories, we must end the depiction of violence against women.UK news

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