From Softball Veteran to Surfing Champion: 10 US Athletes Watching at Tokyo 2020 | US Olympic Team

1) Brady Ellison

age: 32

Event: Men’s archery

Reasons to note: American fans are fascinated by those who win the Olympic gold medal and conclude their heritage.Ellison was ranked number one in the world in 2011-12 Regained its position 2019. He won the four World Cup finals. He won the 2019 World Championship. He has won two silver medals at team competitions and a bronze medal at a personal event in 2016. All that remains is Olympic gold.Also he Wearing a cool hat..

Chance to win medals: Very good, but the knockout round can be capricious. In 2016, South Korea’s Kim Woo-jin set a world record with 700 shots (out of 720 shots) and lost in 32 rounds.Ellison Break that record 702 at the 2019 Pan American Games, then Lost in the quarterfinals..

2) Rai Benjamin

Rai Benjamin is one of the fastest 400-meter hurdles in history. Photo: Kirby Lee / USA Today Sports

age: 23 (However, it will be 24 on July 27)

Event: Men’s 400m hurdles

Reasons to note: In the Olympic trial, Benjamin set the fastest time (46.83 seconds) since Kevin Young set the world record (46.78 seconds) in 1992. Five days later, Norway’s Karsten Warholm broke Young’s record and ran 46.70 seconds at home.only 7 times faster than 47 seconds In 2018, one Young, two Benjamin, three Warholm, and one Abdellaman Samba in Qatar have been posted so far.The women’s 400m also have promising duels and potential world records, but 21-year-old Sydney McLaughlin is already Claim a world record At the Olympic trial, she may have been separated from fellow American and former record holder Dalilah Muhammad. Dalilah Muhammad is almost 10 years older than this phenomenon.

Chance to win medals: Only Miss Steps will keep Benjamin off the podium, but can he hold down Samba and catch Warholm in gold?

3) Hannah Roberts

age: 19

Event: Women’s BMX Freestyle

Reasons to note: Roberts already 3 world champions And ready to become the first Olympic champion of her sport.Powerful riders flip and spin Looks easy, And she is the first woman to land 360 tail whip in competition.. Women’s BMX is also one of the rare action sporting events that has turned out to be an easier way to get to the Olympics. Road to inclusion In the X Games.

Chance to win medals: Roberts has been a consistent performer since his mid-teens, although every sport judged is unique.

Four) Snisa Lee

age: 18

Event: Women’s gymnastics

Reasons to note: It’s not accurate to say her beat Simone Biles at the US Gymnastics Exam, but she posted Higher score From the goat on the second day. Yes, Biles rarely fell that day, but Lee has a solid track record when he’s healthy, which is very rare.Her comeback was even more exciting after that Loss of several years – Her father was paralyzed below the chest after a fall in 2019 and lost her aunt and uncle in Covid-19.Lee, first Hmong American Nominated for the Olympic team, already has post-Olympic plans and is competing with Auburn University When she was 14 years old..

Chance to win medals: The US team’s gold medal is one of the surest bets on the Olympics.Only two athletes qualify for each country, all-around is unforgiving, but she Second best score In this year’s world. She is also a candidate for uneven bars and floor movements, Win medals on both At the 2019 World Championships.

Five) Sakura Kokumai

Sakura Kokumai leads American medal hope in karate
Sakura Kokumai leads the American medal hope in karate. Photo: Steve Marcus / Reuters

age: 28

Event: Karate, female type

Reasons to note: Karate will make its Olympic debut this year. Anyone who has seen taekwondo or who grew up remembering conversations from the Karate Kid’s climax scene, one area of ​​kumite seems a little familiar... Kata, on the other hand, is new to the average viewer.To be precise, it would be unfamiliar to the average American Viewer – video The actual number of views of Japan’s great Rika Usami has exceeded 17.5 million. Imagine a gymnastic floor exercise and a cross with someone facing the imaginary attacker’s coterie. Given the athleticism and visual conspiracy of the competition, it’s probably a careless explanation, but it’s also a rational way to describe it.Born in Hawaii and graduated from undergraduate and graduate school in Japan Sakurai Kunimai Settled in Los AngelesPosted about her recent experience With anti-Asian harassment..

Chance to win medals: Kokumai Sakurai 4th Among athletes outside Japan’s host country, she has the 2012 World Championship bronze Some international medals..

6) Nyjah Huston

age: 26

Event: Skateboard, men’s street

Reasons to note: Skateboarding participated in the Olympics too late for Tony Hawk and Shaun White, but the latter can be satisfied with his snowboarding medals.The pioneer of today’s sport is Houston, who won him First sponsor at age 7 Since then, he has won the X Games medal. He was 14 years old in spite of Custody dispute He spent several years outside the spotlight of Puerto Rico.

Chance to win medals: he Stumbled on silver At the World Championships earlier this year, but of his 3 world championship gold medals and 10 X game wins Say more about his chances than he 485,000 subscribers With youtube 4.6 million followers On Instagram.

7) Cat Osterman

age: 38

Event: soft ball

Reasons to note: One of the more powerful sports in the United States has returned from 13 years of asylum-it’s just getting started Another 7 years From the Olympics when the last pitch was thrown in Tokyo. Osterman was the starter of the final round in Beijing when the United States missed the gold medal for the first time in the short history of the softball Olympics. The 2004 gold medalist, two-time world champion and two-time ESPY winner (a female athlete from a top college) emerged from retirement to take advantage of another shot of the gold medal. America’s biggest rival and 2008 enemy.

Chance to win medals: Women in the United States have been in the finals of all major tournaments for decades. This is a blessing of the lack of global competition that is responsible for the exclusion of sports from the Olympics. It will be shocking except for the Japan-US confrontation over money.

8) Carissa Moore

Carissa Moore is a four-time world champion
Carissa Moore is a four-time world champion. Photo: Matt Dunbar / World Surf League / Getty Images

age: 28

Event: Women surfing

Reasons to note: The· 4th world champion – Hawaii, not the United States, an option she doesn’t have at the Olympics – Lead the way again This year her sport debuts at the Olympics. Although she had few teens in 2013, she was named to Glamor magazine. This year’s woman, Not only for her in-flight achievements, but also for her Successful advocacy For gender equality in her sport and her candid conversation Overcoming problems With body image.Her 2019 season was documented in A movie called a squirrel..

Chance to win medals: She has been On the podium At all events of this year’s 6 World Surf League and 8 of her 10 tournaments in 2019.

9) Katie Ledecky

age: twenty four

Event: swimming

Reasons to note: Of course, given the fact that she won her first gold medal in London at the age of 15 and four gold medals and one silver medal in Rio, it’s a natural choice. However, the Olympic program has an additional race of 1500m freestyle, and she is invincible except for serious accidents and illnesses that limit her, so it is worth paying special attention this time. only One gold medal and two silver medals at the 2019 World Championships. At the 2017 World Championships, she won five gold medals and a silver medal at 200m. This is her “weakest” event, but the one that won the gold medal in Rio.

Chance to win medals: She Not defeated At 800 meters or 1500 meters as an adult. The shorter the distance, the more vulnerable she is, but it really is the question of how much of her medal is gold.

Ten) Kyle Dake

Kyle Dake first became prominent in her glittering college career
Kyle Dake first became prominent in her glittering college career. Photo: Charlie Neibergall / AP

age: 30

Event: Wrestling, men’s 74 kg freestyle

Reasons to note: The Olympic qualifications for wrestling are cruel, there is one spot per country for each weight class, and Dake’s reigning weight class (79 kg) will not be the second world champion in the Olympics. In 2016, Dake weighed up to 86kg and eventually lost to bronze medalist Jayden Cox in an Olympic trial.This time, Dake fell to 74kg and had to go through Jordan Burrows, 2012 Gold Medalist and 4th World Champion.Dake Sweep Burrows To win his first Olympic spot at the age of 30 Glittering college career At Cornell University, he won the NCAA title in four different weight classes and finished 77 games in a row.

Chance to win medals: Dake weighs 74 kg and has little international experience, so 4 available seeds..But he has victory Even though it weighs 79 kg, it is against top seed Frank Chamiso.

From Softball Veteran to Surfing Champion: 10 US Athletes Watching at Tokyo 2020 | US Olympic Team

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