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I’m Art Kumbalek, man oh manischewitz is the world, Aina? So listen, I can’t believe it’s already July. It’s the month we celebrate the independence of our country’s stumbling democracy from those bastard Lime colonialists on the 4th. Yes, many of us try to ring the national anthem that day with the words “bomb explodes in the air” and “walls”.

hold up. Rampart? If you ask the majority of men and women in our country to define a “rampert”, I bet you $ 80, they find it in your gyro sandwich by that Greek joint I would say it’s a thing, I won’t make you a child.

It’s time for the new national anthem to replace the “banner”. Especially since I read this recently, it’s more elastic, energetic and something people can actually sing.Wisconsin Necessary parliamentary vote National anthem At a publicly funded sporting event at the venue. Jeez louise, perhaps even in a small children’s soccer match in a county park. Good road.

Therefore, it is recommended to reconstruct “Elmers Tune” as a new “Anthem”. This is a popular song from the 1920s and I know the melody because you can hear a nice version of Glenn Miller and his orchestra on YouTube. Let’s call it “”. American song. (Remember that F. Scotty stripped the melody of the English drinking song for our national anthem.

OK, what’s the melody? Here are the lyrics. Let’s sing together. G’s elastic and nice key, people’s key.

Why are the stars always blinking in with Winkin on top?

What is the reason for your peers to start thinking about falling in love?

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It’s not the season, the reason is as obvious as the moon.

It’s just an American song.

What makes an 80-year-old woman go out loosely?

Why do you meander in search of geese?

What is the magic of June to kick chicken?

It’s just an American song.

Listen, listen,

There are many things that are often overlooked.

Sing, shake,

Old-fashioned or old-fashioned.

Hurdy-gurdy, birdie, beat cop [I’m thinking that last phrase may need to be tweaked along with some gender stuff here and there, you think?];

Candy maker, banker, street man.

City charm, farmer, moon man —

Everyone is singing American songs.

Now, no matter what happens, I say there are emotions that should be shared in peace. The match has started!

Oh, another one. I could get into a million dollars soon. When I unpacked the box after moving to a tiny apartment 20 years ago, there was something that actually looked like parchment, a fragment of a diary that the Greek philosopher had died. I understand. Platon, you bet. Newly discovered works by these ancients go to large fabrics lately because they haven’t shoveled it anymore. I had a Greek man I know translate it. He knows from the ramparts. I hope it is legal.

Summer of Countdown 402 Before the Birth of a Man Named Christ

“If I had to do another gig with that old flatulence Socrates, I would quit the business, and that’s a ridiculous promise, I wouldn’t make you a kid, so what’s beef? Do you ask? This is the latest:

“So we’re in the middle of a dialogue around the old Mycenae. It’s a real jerkwater crowd, but the bread is good, and the wine isn’t half bad. Ba-ding!

“But seriously. It’s hotter than hell and it’s boiling my ass, so I say,” Let’s take a break, socks, it’s too hot. ” He asks, “What’s hot?” I say, “Listen to Parry, I had to unload my dog. My dog ​​is in pain and my head is killing me. So he asks,” But , What’s the pain? “I’m so tired of the old-fashioned questions of that Shishikenobu, so I give him good, quick sandals privately, and when he finishes the barfing I say, “OK Einstein does it answer your question?” I mean I’ve been carrying this guy for years. Hoping the old flatulence will retire, he is still booked as he can still bring the crowd through the arch.

“So we’re at a gig in Mycenae. I’m starting half of the show and literally killing. I’m starting with some of the new Boffo Cave material, doing some recognition and I came up with I decided to go out with a great new closer, a thirsty skunk, and a “The Material World” stuff about ducks. And the giraffe entering the pub. But just before I get to the punch line, I pause and take me to the crowd, just messing up my toga.

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So I needed to secure an Old Grand-Dad case for the July bubble. Talk about bottle rockets that give evidence overnight (80%). And fight bravely through the dangerous battle of heat and humidity in the Third World in the Midwest in July. On August 1st, patriotic fingers and various body parts will be attached and will continue to function. Art Kumbhalek, and I told you so.

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