From’Res-er-vwah’to’Lawnceston’: Kill the name of what Australians call home | Calla Wahlquist

A The suburbs of northern Melbourne VictoriaTop health authorities have some difficulties. It is not the Warat where the current outbreak occurred or Craigieburn, one of the most worrisome exposure sites.

It’s a reservoir. An avid watcher at Victoria’s daily coronavirus press conference, state health officials confidently rattled very long updates about the latest incidents and locations of exposure, making this suburban pronunciation too flashy. You will find that you continue to stumble by doing so.The actual name is pronounced Res-er-vore, the door rhymes, and -voir is pronounced like Latin. Preliminary interrogation.. It’s not Res-er-vwah – like a dam containing drinking water.

Having been sitting at my home in Melbourne for the past three weeks, it was great to argue about benign as good as the correct pronunciation in the suburbs.

I sympathize with the tendency to bundle unfamiliar words into something a little more luxurious. It may be the result of studying a language at school. If you don’t understand the word, try it with a terrible Italian accent.

As a young journalist in the country Western Australia When I rhymed the cape with my collar, I was laughed at by President Capelshire for five minutes (it’s CAPE-el). After a job, in Tasmania, I decided to give the local ski resort Ben Lomond a French twist and pronounce it Ben Lomond. Right Spirit, Wrong Accent – ​​Named after the highlands of Scotland.

It was said that you can find people on the mainland by the method called “Launceston”, but the real trick is Sorel (pronounced Sorel). If they say it like weeds, you have found the islanders above.

My sister has developed a pronunciation hack for Western Australian place names. Say all the suburban names with the Ocker accents appropriate for the late Steve Irwin.

So Malaga, the northern suburbs PerthIs not pronounced Mal-ahhhh-ga, not Malaga of the same name. Mandurah, south of Perth, is a mandola. Coogee, pronounced Coudgie in Sydney, is Coo-Gee in Perth.

Unfortunately, Cockburn is Coh-burn.

Perth’s tricks work in most parts of Australia, but they don’t. Therefore, as my colleague’s American husband says, the Yarra River is not Yarra, but Yarra. Another American friend once asked if we live in You-You-Ca – or Echuca. Locals in Castlemaine have a bumper sticker that says “Castlemaine does not have an” r “”. This is a castle like a passel.

But SugganBuggan is properly SooginBoogin and sounds strange.

In Melbourne, the trick is to swallow vowels, unless it’s an “a”. If it is “a”, the vowel is extended. That is, Melvin instead of Melbourne, Berwick instead of Belwick, Malven instead of Malvern, Cranben instead of Cranbourne, Plan instead of Prahran, and most confusingly Vermont instead of Vermont.

Another colleague, everything New South Wales It is pronounced by voice, happily ignoring the existence of Bradilla, Canoe Windra, Warhope, Unona, and Jervis Bay, which even the locals disagree with.

Which suburbs or towns do you mispronounce? Please let us know in the comments. Please feel free to point out what went wrong.

From’Res-er-vwah’to’Lawnceston’: Kill the name of what Australians call home | Calla Wahlquist

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