FUE Hair Transplant (3500 Grafts in NW V) Dr. Juan Couto – FUEXPERT CLINIC- Madrid, Spain

This is a 3500 Grafts FUE Hair Transplant for an alopecia Norwood – V. The Hair Transplant was performed by Doctor Juan Couto and his FUExpert Clinic team in our hair clinic Madrid, Spain.

Details of the FUE Hair Restoration:

Man – 38 years
NW Class – V
Pre-operative Treatment – Finasteride 1 mg/day for 5 years prior to hair transplant procedure.
Progression of hair loss – Stable
Hair thickness – Medium
Hair/skin contrast – Medium
Average Density of Donors – 90 FUs / cm2

Hair Transplant Surgical Goals
1st session – Rebuild the front 2/3
2nd session – Restoring the crown

FUE Hair Transplant Procedure Data
Extraction method – Manual 30% / Motorized 70%
Placement technique – Implanter Pen

Total implanted UFs – 3500
Singles – 311
Doubles – 1754
Triples – 1284
4 -5 hairs – 151

Total Implanted Hair – 8275

Hair Average per UF – 2.36

Hair Transplant Post-operative Treatment
Continue with Finasteride 1 mg/day
Growing your lost hair is now possible with a Hair Transplant in our hair clinic in the center of Madrid, Spain. A Hair Transplant by FUE technique is nowadays the best option to regain lost hair leaving no visible scars. At this moment, a hair transplant is the best hair loss cure for baldness.

FUExpert Clinic is considered as “one of the best hair transplant clinic in the world” by some of the experts and users on the hair transplant community of renown Forums such as HairLoss Talk, Bellicapelli, Recuperar el Pelo, Hair Restoration Network or IESON among others.

At FUExpert Clinic we offer to all our hair transplant patients:

✔️Beautiful Hairlines
✔️Vertex Restorations
✔️FUE Scar Repairs
✔️Temples Restorations
✔️100% Natural Results
✔️100% Patient Satisfaction

Stop your hair loss and recover your lost hair at FUExpert Clinic with a hair transplant!
FUExpert Clinic: Art, Ethics, Skill, Experience – A Hair Clinic specialized in FUE Hair Transplants performed by Dr. Juan Couto and his experienced team.

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