Full-scale simulated aircraft accident at Eppley Airfield – Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha, Nebraska 2021-10-24 13:30:06 –

Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) —This is what people at Eppley Airfield want to never happen, but be prepared in case it happens.

“What we are doing today is simulating an aircraft carrier catastrophe,” said Steve McCoy, chief information officer at Omaha Airport Authority.

This is to allow the corresponding crew and community partners to prepare and test their response to this situation.

The scenario is as follows: An aircraft accident occurred with 60 people on board when leaving Eppley Airfield. This is not a reality, but it is a preparation for what is possible.

“In such exercises, realism is a very important factor for first responders. There is a mockup of a propane-fueled aircraft simulator that actually ignites. The crew responds to the fire extinguishing,” McCoy said. Mr. said.

The exercise had 100 participants, including 30 actors and 18 agencies who played the victims of the crash.

Shauna Benjamin-Bryce acts as an aircraft crash victim and helps first responders practice how to prioritize different severity levels of crash victims.

“This morning when we got here, they assigned us our role and they dressed us up with dirt, dirt, and fake blood,” said Benjamin Bryce.

Saving lives is not just a heroic act, but a technique that requires tenacity, practice, and planning.

“Every time I do this, I learn something new and bring it back. This exercise is another important learning opportunity to improve the process. In such exercises, realism is for first responders. It’s very important, “said McCoy.

Omaha Airport authorities carry out this exercise once every three years and are mandated by the Federal Aviation Administration.

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Full-scale simulated aircraft accident at Eppley Airfield Source link Full-scale simulated aircraft accident at Eppley Airfield

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