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Fully vaccinated people in the United States are exempt from wearing masks outdoors

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said in an important announcement that fully vaccinated people in the United States no longer need to wear masks when they are outdoors with a large number of people.

CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky released the latest recommendations and guiding principles of the authorities on Tuesday, revealing which outdoor activities are safe and unsafe, depending on whether they are vaccinated. Did.

“If you are fully vaccinated and want to attend a small outdoor rally between vaccinated and unvaccinated people, or if you want to dine at an outdoor restaurant with friends from multiple households. , Science shows that if you are vaccinated, you can safely remove your mask.

However, the CDC continues to recommend masking in crowded outdoor settings, crowded stadiums, concerts, and other areas where the ability to maintain physical distance may be diminished and there may be a large number of unvaccinated people. doing. “We will continue to recommend this until widespread vaccination is achieved,” Warensky told reporters.

“These vaccines are very effective, but we know that the virus spreads very well indoors. Until more people are vaccinated, and we still have 50,000 cases a day. In the meantime, the use of masks indoors provides additional protection, “she added.

The CDC has posted on its website examples of various outdoor activities that can be safely performed without masks for fully vaccinated people.

The CDC defines “complete vaccination” as 14 days after two doses of Pfizer or Motona vaccine, or 14 days after one dose of J & J vaccine.

Asked at this time why the guidance changes are behind, Walensky said, “There is increasing data suggesting that most of the transmissions are done indoors rather than outdoors. Many studies have documented transmissions. Less than 10% of the cases occur outdoors. We know that the risk of infection is almost 20 times higher in the indoor setting than in the outdoor setting. ”

However, CDC officials admitted that in large public outdoor venues such as concerts and stadiums, it is not possible to distinguish between vaccinated and unvaccinated people. “In those settings, we are really worried about protecting unvaccinated people when you have that density.”

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Fully vaccinated people in the United States are exempt from wearing masks outdoors

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