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Atlanta, Georgia (CW69 News at 10 / CNN) — Georgia Capitol Park Cannon is two people due to her arrest while her lawyer protests the state’s new election law confirmed to CNN on Wednesday. Will not be charged with Ferrony.

Canon lawyer Gerald Griggs told CNN early Wednesday that he knew about the decision over the phone and that receiving the news was “emotional.”

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“Facts and evidence have shown to the world that Congressman Cannon was not guilty and should not have been arrested,” Griggs wrote on Twitter. “We thank the district attorney for thoroughly examining the evidence and are considering the next legal action,” he added.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Wednesday that Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis believed the case had ended after reviewing the evidence and said he would not present the case to a grand jury.

Willis’ office did not immediately respond to CNN’s request for comment.

On March 25, Cannon was arrested and taken from the Georgia Capitol Museum after repeatedly knocking on the door to Republican Governor Brian Kemp’s office while signing a controversial election bill. It was. Democrats were taken to Fulton County Jail and released later that night.

According to CNN’s affidavit of arrest, she was guilty of felony obstruction and confusion during the General Assembly session.

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The arrest affidavit also claimed that Cannon had trampled the foot of a police officer in Patrol, Georgia “three times during his arrest, when she was escorted from property,” and continued to kick the police officer on his heels.

“The facts and evidence are, as we know, inconsistent with the report’s allegations,” Griggs told CNN’s Don Lemon in an interview last week.

Griggs also told CNN that Cannon’s arrest was illegal under the Georgia Constitution and he hoped the district attorney would dismiss the case after reviewing the video and evidence.

Cannon told Lemon that he felt “it’s important to be there” when trying to witness the signing of the bill for transparency reasons.

According to Griggs, she faced up to eight years in prison.

The new Georgia election law imposes new voter ID requirements on absentee ballots, reduces the number of ballot drop boxes in large counties, and shortens the duration of final votes.

Kemp defended what he said was an effort to streamline the voting process. “In fact, this new law will increase voting access in Peach County.”

Despite being strongly defended by Georgian Republicans, the law has sparked civil rights proceedings, protests from large corporations and CEOs, and criticism from Democratic politicians, activists, athletes, and entertainers. Last Friday, Major League Baseball announced that it would move the All-Star game out of Atlanta by law. He was then criticized by Kemp and other Republicans at the expense of state revenue.

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