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Fun Ideas For Virtual Nights In With Your Friends

After the pandemic rocked the world and changed the way in which we socialise quite dramatically, people spent time thinking of new, fun ways of socialising without needing to meet up in person. This new trend has become very popular over the past year, and it’s led to many maintaining these new online hangouts, either as their main source of socialising, or as a means to reduce their in-person get togethers. Not only does this help to reduce the spread of covid, but it’s also helped people spend more time with each other, especially if some people in that friendship group live further away. We’ve put together a fun list of online activities that you can try out with your friends and loved ones to keep your digital hangouts fresh and entertaining.

Dungeons And Dragons

This absolute classic has found a recent resurgence in the modern day, with many people getting involved who never expected to enjoy it. Today, it’s very easy to play D&D remotely and if anything, it can be much easier to do than in person. One of the biggest hurdles when it comes to playing D&D is imagination, although this truly is something we all possess. Some people just haven’t unlocked their true potential yet when it comes to their own imagination and are often held back by social stigma and anxiety.

A group of close friends will be able to find games like this to be very rewarding and actually serve as a great bonding experience as you travel through an imaginary fantasy world together. Just remember that one of you will have to take the role of dungeon master to narrate and drive the story along, which is quite a momentous task if you want the game to work. It’s important to remember though, especially as first-time players that you shouldn’t take the game too seriously, as you’re here to have fun.

Virtual Escape Room

People that have played an escape room before tend to fall into one of two categories, those that cannot get enough, and those that couldn’t care less. However, those that don’t particularly like escape rooms often just don’t enjoy the physicality and stress of it. When it comes to online escape rooms however, you remove the claustrophobic, chore-like feeling, and instead get to focus on solving fun puzzles and riddles to escape this virtual room.

There are so many escape rooms available to play across South Africa and a lot of them now offer virtual versions of their games played via Zoom. Of course, if you think you have what it takes, you could create your own riddles for your friends to solve. Just remember that you’re there to have fun, not to stress everyone out with ridiculously difficult puzzles. Unless that’s what they’re looking for, of course.

Casino Night

A classic choice for an exciting night out is going to a casino. Unfortunately, with the reduced ability to socially distance yourself from other players, as well as being a fairly intimidating time for beginners, physical casinos aren’t always a top choice. This is where the online, virtual casino comes into play. For a fun and thrilling experience, gather your group in an online chatroom of your choice and sign up for a digital casino account at a trusted and reputable online casino like Play Live.

Here you can take part in live casino games with real hosts, such as roulette and blackjack, as well as virtual slot machines. Don’t forget, the most important thing about a casino is to know when to quit. Set yourself a budget that you’re prepared to lose so that you’re not disappointed should things not go your way. Responsible gambling makes casinos much more enjoyable and if you do win big, it’ll feel a lot more rewarding.

The Jackbox Party Pack

This has become so popular, especially due to the lockdowns over the course of the pandemic, that there are now 8 version of this game, and the most recent was released in October this year. These games are actually an assortment of 5 games which are played using smart phones as a game pad. The base game itself is required on a gaming console or PC which serves as the host screen. To play this online, you’ll merely need to share your screen on your video conferencing software, and everyone simply needs to visit the Jackbox website on a browser to take part.

Video Games

When it comes to socializing online, video games tend to take the hotspot when it comes to popularity. The only downside to these are that very few are free, and players tend to require a certain level of commitment as well as the hardware to play. There are so many games out there for you and your friends to try for a fun night in. Whether you’re playing on a console or a PC, you could gather your team together to take on a new game, especially one that takes place in a persistent, online world where you can progress through as a group. On the other hand, there are plenty of other games that require less dedication, such as racing games and shooters which can really get the blood pumping.



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