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Bakersfield, California 2021-07-29 20:30:00 –

Fundraising for the Kern County Sheriff’s Deputy Philip Campus family and Wasco shooting survivors exceeded expectations, but the organizers hope the community will continue to be generous.

As of Thursday afternoon, Khan Law Enforcement Association Fundraising Campas’ family had already reached $ 177,468 in donations and was approaching the $ 200,000 goal less than a week after the start.

“I’m definitely hitting the mark of what I wanted to see, but I think the sky is the limit. You can’t put a price tag on dying,” said Jeremy Strah, director of KLEA. “The deputy campas were irreplaceable, just as all members of the Ramirez family were irreplaceable to their families.”

NS GoFundMe campaign Dedicated to helping the surviving members of the Ramirez family, it took $ 26,397, beyond what the organizers originally thought.

Initially, the $ 20,000 target was set, but soon after the flood of support, it was exceeded. We currently have a new goal of $ 40,000 and we receive multiple donations every hour.

In addition, Wasco’s grassroots fundraiser collection donated funds and comfort items to the family.

“It really speaks to Wasco’s passion and heart. We want to say a small town, a big heart, but it’s really clear what’s going on,” said Mayor Alex Garcia. “It’s even more amazing to see the community come together for ourselves, because that’s our job.”

The fundraiser responds to the tragic death of three families and one agent in Wasco on Sunday during the shooting rampage. KCSO is Jose Manuel Ramirez Jr. as the only suspect in this case. Was nominated.

According to the sheriff’s timeline, lawmakers responded to Wasco’s house on Sunday afternoon following reports of the shooting. Believing that the hostages were in the house, the SWAT team tried to rescue them. However, their efforts ended when two people, Campas and Congressman Dizander Guerrero, were shot and the other two were injured in the shrapnel.

Campus died of his wounds. The victims of the shooting were later identified as the shooter’s wife, Viviana Ramirez, and his two sons, Jose III (24 years old) and Angel (17 years old). With 9 and 7 year old girls. Jose Ramirez III also left his wife behind.

“I’m confident that there are many community members and organizations working to check the welfare of these families and these girls over the years, not just the next few months,” Garcia said. Mr. says. “They are basically ourselves, our children. They have always been, and now we must keep their well-being at the forefront.”

KLEA hopes that continued donations will help reduce the financial burden that may occur to the Kampas family. In addition to the monetary donations, Storar said the sheriff’s office received daily food donations with a letter.

“We are just blessed with the support from Kern County. It’s really immeasurable and we are very grateful for what they have done about reaching out to the community. I’m doing it, “he said. “Money certainly doesn’t fix everything, but I think it’s a blessing to help the family.”

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Fundraisers for Deputy Campas’ family, Wasco shooting survivors receive outpouring of support | News Source link Fundraisers for Deputy Campas’ family, Wasco shooting survivors receive outpouring of support | News

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