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Funds generated in and around Amazon site will fund new community center for Cortana area | News – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-09-12 15:30:00 –

The excise tax revenue injection is projected to generate $ 215 million in the construction of the Amazon Fulfillment Center for the city parish vault and will also fund the construction of a new community center.

The Metro Council Man’s Cleeve Dan Jr. district will receive at least $ 500,000 to set up a community center somewhere within the recently created Cortana Cortana Economic Development District.

The construction of a community center is one of the layers of proposed projects outlined in the Cooperative Efforts Agreement related to the district’s vision, including the drafting of a master plan for the redevelopment of economically difficult areas.

Economic and Technological Development wants to take advantage of Amazon’s wind and rain to help Florida Boulevard

“This is to create a master plan for the corridor and work on the infrastructure and beautification of the area,” said Dan. “District 6 is the only local city district that does not have a community center, and these community centers serve residents by providing medical, social welfare, and extracurricular activities to poorly serviced communities. I am. ”

According to Dan, District 6 did not fit into the demographic profile for receiving grants, so from past federal funding rounds that funded the construction of many community centers in other city council districts. Excluded. But over the years, the Florida Boulevard corridor has collapsed from years of investment cuts and white flight.

“District 6 has its own needs like any other district, and my goal is not only to bring economic benefits, but also to support the community, state and local partners, and even the private sector. Was to cooperate with, “he said.

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The new Economic Development District, approved by the Council on August 25, will generate $ 414,088 in monthly baseline collection rates for all monthly sales tax revenues generated in the district to support redevelopment efforts in the jurisdiction. It is a 5-year contract that diverts more than that. By a committee of five appointed by Dan and the mayor.

Employs 1,000 people at the $ 200 million Amazon fulfillment center in Cortana Mall.Click here for the scheduled end date

A special zone, including the area from North Foster Drive to just east of the former Cortana Mall and from South Cocteau Drive to Goodwood Boulevard, is basically set up to capture the expected revenue growth after the construction of the Amazon Center. increase. The site of the former Cortana Mall.

Andrew Fitzgerald, Senior Director of Business Development at Button, said: Rouge Area Chamber of Commerce. “This master plan is important to us. It’s a great way to capture smart growth in the region and we want to make sure it happens along Florida Boulevard.”

Similar to what happened in the downtown development district, redirected sales tax revenues are also used to hire national city planning firms to build a master plan for the corridor.

There are no final plans for the location of the community center, Dan said.

“We were able to acquire private property or see some property owned by the city parish in the area,” he said. “We don’t have to buy land and want to do this through a partnership with another public institution that already has the ideal assets for this purpose.”

Funds generated in and around Amazon site will fund new community center for Cortana area | News Source link Funds generated in and around Amazon site will fund new community center for Cortana area | News

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