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Portland, Oregon 2021-01-14 13:05:28 –

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According to reports from the Capitol riots, some police and former police officers who were attacking the center of democracy did not believe it was legal if the vote was not successful. Then you can see that the man who threw a fire extinguisher behind the heads of some policemen was a former firefighter. Perhaps withdrawing some of the worship of officially uniformed people and taking into account the exponentially greater power of uniformed men, as well as the same accountability they demand from the general public. And we need to start demanding more accountability. We can start by rejecting any call from the police union to give the police more “tools”, more exemptions, more money. They showed that they abused all three in the year of protest just behind us. Let them prove that they are devoted to the best ideals of their role in society, not just salaries and pensions. A conservative suggestion.

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