Future Chevrolet Electric Pickups Seen During GM Video Conference

  • At today’s investor video conference, GM placed a previously unseen electric pickup behind Chief EV Officer Travis Hester.
  • The electric truck with the Chevy badge is likely to be one of four new EVs from automakers that GM says it has developed.
  • The 4-door EV truck is scheduled to go into production in 2025, and we know the timeline has changed, but we know exactly how quickly this pickup will see the light of day. not.

    During a video conference aimed at highlighting GM’s new, faster approach to EV development, automakers let us all take a peek at future vehicles. Among them, the Hummer SUV, which I have never seen before, and this mysterious Chevrolet electric truck, which was originally said to have been heard, are scheduled to start production in 2025. (I don’t know how much), this pickup could join GM’s lineup sooner than expected.

    The truck was placed behind the Chief EV Officer Travis Hester. From what we can see, the vehicle has a little Corvette DNA in the headlights and a little vet in the front fascia. The angled cut line from the cab to the bed is reminiscent of what you saw on the new Hummer EV. Of course, it was seen in the previously obsolete Chevrolet Avalanche.

    A composite image of the above two photos.


    gm chevrolet electric truck


    The screen grab of this pickup shows an aggressive stance with flared fenders and sharp lines along the sides of the vehicle. Of course, some or all of these design elements are subject to change before this EV pickup is officially announced in the future. What we know is that GM says a Chevrolet EV truck is coming, and today we saw what that car was.

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Future Chevrolet Electric Pickups Seen During GM Video Conference

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