Future Lexus SUVs will take shape, including the TX and RZ, next-generation GX and LX

Lexus We are ready to launch some new SUV models in the next few years, Detailed Reddit post The goal is to know a lot about what’s in it, from redesigning existing models to adding new ones to the lineup. We usually take these kinds of rumors with a grain of salt, but given that Lexus has submitted official US trademarks for many of these new nameplates, the information presented is to some extent. I think you have the trust of. So, let’s see what this might come to your local Lexus showroom in the near future.

Lexus RZ450e: It’s electricity

Lexus has already confirmed that it will soon launch its first electric vehicle, LF-Z electrification This previews this upcoming EV crossover. The company has applied for a trademark named RZ450e, which is expected to resemble a concept car and feature a dual-motor four-wheel drive powertrain.

Lexus TX: 3-row SUV

Lexus’ current three-row crossover product RX L, This was a tentative solution that simply packed a small third row of seats into a slightly expanded version of the existing RX. It was reportedly replaced by a new model called the TX, and the Lexus trademark for the TX350 and TX500h was found. This suggests that it may be possible to offer both a gas V-6 and a hybrid version. This time, the wheelbase is longer than the RX, and it can be expected that the space on the way back will be wider.Its styling may draw inspiration from LF-1 infinite concept From a few years ago.

Lexus LX600: Fancy Land Cruiser

Toyota does not intend to bring the latest version of the Land Cruiser to the United States, but Lexus plans to sell its luxury brothers here again.We have already seen the teaser New LX, And due to the trademark application of LX600, the number of Reddit Current LX570.. It expects to use the same twin-turbo 3.4-liter V6 as the Land Cruiser, and a post to Reddit says it will offer a hybrid version and a more luxurious VIP trim.

Lexus GX550: Offroad Credo

Rumors about the next generation GX SUV Excite off-road enthusiasts. The new model, named GX550, is reportedly emphasizing the 4×4 image to compete with the Land Rover Defender and Mercedes-Benz G-Class. We are likely to continue to use the body-on-frame platform and may offer similar styling decorations and accessories. GXOR concept From 2019 (photo). Like the LX, its only engine product is probably a twin-turbo 3.4-liter V-6.

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Future Lexus SUVs will take shape, including the TX and RZ, next-generation GX and LX

Source link Future Lexus SUVs will take shape, including the TX and RZ, next-generation GX and LX

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