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Macaulay Culkin was not the only (almost) unknown actor considered as part of “Home Alone.” (Credit: AP)

(NEXSTAR) – So that rusty paint can be applied to the face “Home Alone” When it was released in 1990, it captivated the audience. The film has become an instant Christmas classic thanks to Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern, Catherine O’Hara, John Candy, and the relatively unknown child actor Comedic Chop. The name of Macaulay Culkin.

But when the movie was still cast, Christopher Columbus was considering yet another comedy ringer as Santa’s impersonator until the audition was blown away.

In an interview with The Independent, Columbus confirmed that the future “SNL” weird Chris Farley had been auditioned for that role, “The audition didn’t go particularly well.”

According to Columbus, he and Farley knew each other and attended the same church for a while. Columbus said he was “the sweetest man in the world,” but he arrived at the audition early Saturday morning and the wear got a little worse.

“The audition didn’t go particularly well because I don’t think he came in and fell asleep that night,” Columbus told the outlets in 2020. I think he was great in the movie, but I love the guy who played Santa Claus. He was very interesting. “

The “man” who eventually won the role-Ken Hudson Campbell-also auditioned on the same day as Farley and remembered his memories of the morning. Oral history of “Home Alone” edited by Chicago magazine In 2015.

“Apparently [Farley] I was out all night and was just dropped off after the night of Shenanigan, “Campbell claimed.

“He came in [for his audition] And I walked immediately. I felt like I went in and hit what I wanted to hit. A few weeks later, I got a call, “Campbell said.

But Farley, then a member of Chicago’s Second City Improvisation Group, didn’t remain anonymous for too long. Immediately after being taken over by “Home Alone,” he joined the cast of “SNL” for the 16th season in 1990 and soon became a breakout star.In fact, a few years later, Farley’s popularity caught the attention of Hollywood Studios looking for a star. A small Christmas movie called “Elf” About 10 years before Will Ferrell started production instead.

However, “Elf” screenwriter David Belembaum appeared in a recent episode of “The Movie That Made Us,” explaining that he wasn’t completely sold for the idea.

“They wanted this to be a Chris Farley movie, but it would have been another movie,” Berenbaum said. “A very different movie.”

Future ‘SNL’ star was almost cast in ‘Home Alone’ — but he blew his audition Source link Future ‘SNL’ star was almost cast in ‘Home Alone’ — but he blew his audition

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