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They also hung promises to support China’s human rights, infrastructure and education.

Leaders of a group of seven wealthy countries lead the world from coronavirus pandemics and crises, promising poor countries more than a billion doses of coronavirus vaccine, fighting climate change and providing minimal support While pledged to support the growth of developing countries. Taxation on multinational corporations.

At the group’s first face-to-face meeting in two years, leaders hung their commitment to support global health, green energy, infrastructure and education. All of these show that international cooperation has returned after the turmoil caused by pandemics and unpredictability. Former US President Donald Trump.

At a three-day summit in South West England, G7 leaders wanted to convey that wealthy democratic clubs (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States) are better friends for poor countries. It was. Than a prestigious rival like China.

“This does not impose our values ​​on the rest of the world,” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told reporters at the end of the seaside summit on the rugged Cornwall coast. “What we G7s have to do is show the benefits of democracy, freedom, and human rights to the rest of the world.”

US President Joe Biden, who was traveling abroad for the first time as a leader, “It was an” extraordinarily collaborative and productive conference “that showed America’s return to the world-leading business alongside the countries that share our deepest values,” he said. It was.

However, health and environmental activists were clearly not impressed with the details of the leader’s final communiqué.

“This G7 summit will remain infamous,” said Max Lawson, head of inequality policy for Oxfam, an international aid group. We are not completely able to meet the challenges of our time. “

Despite Johnson’s call to “vaccine the world” by the end of 2022, the 1 billion vaccination promises to vaccine-hungry countries have been made directly and through donations to the International COVAX Program by the World Health Organization. It is well below the 11 billion doses of vaccination. The organization said it was necessary to vaccinate at least 70% of the world’s population and truly end the pandemic.

Half of the 1 billion dose pledges are from the United States and 100 million are from the United Kingdom. Canada also said it would give 100 million doses, and France promised 60 million doses. Overall, the leaders said they promised 870 million doses “directly next year” and, with further contributions, “equivalent to more than a billion doses” in total.

Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said the lack of a more ambitious vaccination program was an “unforgivable moral failure.”

But Mr Biden said the leaders made it clear that their promise to donate doses was not over. The US president said shooting around the world is a “huge logistical effort” and the goal may not be achieved until 2023.

The G-7 also upheld a minimum tax of at least 15% on large multinationals, preventing companies from using tax havens to avoid taxes. This is a move supported by the United States.

Biden also wanted to convince fellow Democratic leaders to present a more unified front to compete economically with Beijing and urge China’s “non-market policy and human rights abuses.”

China’s words in the G7 summit communiqué from the meeting were more modest than those used by the United States, but Biden said he was happy. Regarding China’s economic behavior, the group said, “We will discuss a collective approach to challenge non-market policies and practices that undermine the fair and transparent operation of the world economy.”

Leaders also called on China to respect human rights and fundamental freedoms in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region and the semi-autonomous city of Hong Kong, where Beijing has been accused of committing serious human rights abuses against Uighur minorities. He said it would promote value.

Not all European powers see China in the harsh light, like Biden, who portrayed competition with technosecurity nations as the decisive competition in the 21st century.

“The G7 is not a hostile club to China. It is a democratic group to work with China on all global topics that China is ready to work with,” said French President Emmanuel Macron. Said.

The summit organizer, Johnson, wanted to raise the “Global Britain” flag at the three-day meeting. This is the government’s impetus for global influence on medium-sized countries newly separated from the European Union.

yet Brexit casts a shadow That goal was exceeded during a summit on the southwestern coast of England. European Union leaders and Biden have expressed concern over the issue of new British and EU trade rules that are raising tensions in Northern Ireland.

But overall, the mood was positive. The leaders smiled at the camera on the cliff-edged beaches of Carvis Bay, a village and resort that was fortified by the traffic jams of the conference.

The Prime Minister and President also mixed with Queen Elizabeth II at the royal reception, ate steak and lobster at the beach barbecue, and saw the Royal Air Force Red Arrows aerial exhibit during their stay at sea.

After the Trump administration’s “America First” policy, American allies were visibly relieved to regain the United States as an avid international player.

Johnson called Biden a “breath of fresh air.” Italy’s Prime Minister Mario Draghi said the president “wanted to rebuild those alliances after the severe collapse of traditional US alliances after the Trump era.”

Biden flew from the top of Carvis Bay and had a cup of tea with the Queen at Windsor Castle. He will attend the NATO Summit in Brussels on Monday and will meet with Russian leader Vladimir Putin in Geneva on Wednesday.

The G7 also made an ambitious declaration at a conference on girls’ education to prevent future pandemics and globally fund more environmentally friendly infrastructure.

For climate change, the Build Back Better for the World program will fund the infrastructure “from railroads in Africa to wind farms in Asia” to accelerate the global transition to renewable energy. I promise. The plan is in response to China’s Belt and Road initiative, which has increased Beijing’s global influence.

All G7 countries have promised to reach zero net carbon emissions by 2050, but many environmentalists say it’s too little or too late.

Naturalist David Attenborough addressed leaders in a video on Sunday warning that humanity is “on the verge of destabilizing the entire planet.”

“If so, the decisions we make in the last decade, especially those made by the most economically developed countries, are of paramount importance in human history,” said a veteran documentary filmmaker.

Thousands of environmental protesters gathered outside the steel ring throughout the weekend when leaders met behind the fence and barbed wire, accusing the G7 of missing an opportunity to prevent a climate catastrophe.

Members of the Extinction Rebellion Climate Activity Group blocked the main road in the town of St Ives on Sunday, beat the drums, and sat down on the road. Elsewhere, hundreds of surfers and kayaks have rowed into the ocean to help better protect the world’s oceans.

“The G7 are all greenwashing,” the protesters sang during one march. “We are drowning in promises. Now is the time to act.”

Outlaws Kirka and Hoi reported from Falmouth, England. Contributed by Nicole Winfield of Rome and Kirsten Greeshaber and Frank Jordan of Berlin.

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