G-Eazy Gets Generac Moving – Shepherd Express – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-09-11 12:05:18 –

For a myriad of reasons, Summerfest 2021 felt unusual to say the least for Friday night. However, in a packed house on the Generac Power Stage, he chanted rapper G-Eazy and danced to the sound of Milwaukee’s DJ Devest 8 towards the headlining set. When he came into the limelight from the pre-show darkness, there was always a familiar roar that reminded us of the complete resurgence of live music, and G-Eazy was ready to take full advantage of it. rice field.

There were few outages in about an hour as Bay Area rappers rattled a lot of trucks to move the crowd. Initially placed on a central mic stand to talk about peace, he quickly abandoned it in the middle of the two songs in order to increase the pace of the stage with a calm and confident attitude. Instead of displaying the concert on the screen on the refurbished stage, California visuals flashed on both sides of the rapper. All eyes were on stage, and of course it was.

The 2017 hit “Boss Tycoon” was the first song to receive a lot of attention from the Summerfest audience and was an early appearance by the up-and-coming rapper Kossisko, signed under G-Eazy. The set later included a small medley showing Cocisco’s work, including the collaboration “Running Wild (Tumblr Girls 2),” marking one of the rare times when things slowed down.With a cut from him, it will recover soon Beautiful & damn A project that reminds fans how to bounce and balance at the bleachers of Summerfest.

G-Eazy and his crew certainly knew how to react to the crowd, and it was fully exhibited on Friday, and with a significant share of the show’s cheap pop. Rappers could regularly replace “Wisconsin” with bars, and countdowns with EDM-style steam cannons were commonplace. At some point, a series of notable poems were set, and the post-malone track “Same Bitches” was a big hit, with poems that went beyond the beat of the current pop mega-hit “Astronaut In The Ocean.” According to Masked Wolf. While walking on stage, G-Eazy got into the habit of picking up a fan’s cell phone, recording his short video rapping the crowd, and throwing the cell phone back. Every time it happened, the crowd ate it. I felt like there was no extra effort needed to be released from the stage to keep the fans moving.

Of course, the most famous materials came out towards the second half of the show. G-Eazy was able to bring some new music to Milwaukee, but recently a new album was released later this month. He played the new single “Fathful”, but it was so fresh that he admitted that he was still learning the lyrics of the song. Before closing the night, he also sprinkled a new collaboration with Demi Lovato. The screen displayed simulated headlines for Lovato’s recent drug addiction-related issues. It was a rather unusual move, but again, most of the eyes were aimed at the central stage. However, the album was not promoted because he instructed the crowd to chant the release date of the new project, “September 24th.”

Two big fanfare hits ended the night. Featuring A $ AP Rocky and Cardi B, “No Limit” got the biggest reaction of the night, pointing Mike at female fans to wrap Cardi’s explicit guest features. She may have been star-tracked. A collaboration between artists Tory Lanez and Taiga, which has been canceled since then, “Still Be Friends” was a closer one with a complete sing-along treatment. It timed out just around the time mark and was wrapped up at night without an encore.

As G-Eazy quickly pointed out, this evening was a celebration of re-enjoying music with each other, as was the central theme of many Summerfest sets this year. He did bring a party, and it was time to go home before you knew it. Sometimes the best parties go that way.

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