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From Northport, Florida-On Monday, FBI agents and police flocked to Brian Laundry’s parents’ home to search the property and seize a missing man, Mustang, who was being cross-examined for Gabby Petit’s death.

A court-approved search warrant was executed at his home in Northport, Florida, where Laundry lives with his parents.

Petit’s body appears to have been found in Wyoming National Park months after the couple embarked on a van for cross-country trekking over the weekend. Authorities said the remains found in Grand Teton National Park were consistent with Petit’s description, but a full trial is still pending.

The FBI took Laundry’s parents from home to a waiting van on the driveway at 10 am on Monday.

They stayed in the car for about 10 minutes and then returned to the car.

The investigator stayed at home with his family all day long.

Around 2:30 pm, they towed the Laundry Silver Mustang from the driveway.

Laundry and Petit lived with their parents before trekking when she died.

Petito and Laundrie went out on the road in a modified van in July to visit a national park in the west. According to police, they had a fight along the way, and when they returned to their parents’ home in a van on September 1, Laundry was alone.

Laundry was nominated to be involved in the case, but his recent whereabouts were unknown.

The cause of death of Petito is undecided.

“From August 27th to August 30th, we continue to seek information from people who have used the Spread Creek decentralized campsite. People who have contacted Gabby or his boyfriend, or his own car in the area. If you have seen it, thank you. We will share new information with the FBI. “

Attorneys from the Petito family issued a statement on Sunday evening to thank the agencies for their privacy and help with the search.

“Your tireless efforts and determination helped bring Gabby home to her parents,” the statement said. “My family and I will be grateful forever.”

Petit’s father, Joseph, tweeted a heartbreaking message after the discovery, saying, “She touched the world.”

Development came as a search for Petit’s boyfriend Brian Laundry, which was resumed in Florida.

Petito’s parents reported that she went missing on September 11, after not talking to her for two weeks.

Laundry was nominated by police as the “interested person” in Petit’s disappearance. According to law enforcement officials, the 23-year-old Laundry, who returned home without petite more than two weeks ago and refused to talk to police, has not been seen since Tuesday.

“The news about Gabby Petit is heartbreaking. The Laundry family is praying for Gabby and her family,” a Laundry lawyer said in a statement on Sunday evening.

Search resume of “expansive” preservation of disappeared 22-year-old boyfriend

A search for a laundromat resumed on Sunday in a 24,565-acre reserve in Florida.

Police in North Port, Florida, said a team of police officers had begun a search for laundry in the Carlton Reserve, north of Laundry’s home in North Port. The search began on Saturday but was interrupted overnight due to darkness.
“A team of more than 50 people looking for something to watch after saying his (laundry) parents went here,” Northport police said in a Twitter post on Sunday morning.

Police said at a briefing Saturday afternoon that Northport police officers with FBI agents, drones, K-9 and Bloodhound were involved in the search for Laundry. According to Northport police spokesman Josh Taylor, authorities brought clothes from family homes on Friday to help dog troops.

According to Taylor, Laundry’s family told police on Friday that he would carry his backpack on Tuesday and finally meet him and go to a large reserve where he often goes hiking.

In response to the news that Laundry’s whereabouts are unknown, a Petite lawyer said in a statement, “The whole Gabby family wants to let the world know that Brian isn’t missing. He hides. Gabby is missing. “

The Laundry search is the latest twist on a nationally-focused incident as the couple traveled nationwide on Petit’s 2012 Ford Transit from June and recorded their trips on social media. According to police, Laundry returned to Northport on September 1 in a Petite van without a girlfriend.

Taylor is an investigator Miranda Baker, a college student who posted a TikTok video Over the weekend, she and her boyfriend pick up the laundry around 5:30 pm on August 29, while hitchhiking alone in the Colter Bay Village area of ​​Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. Insisted. In the video, Baker said Laundry offered her and her boyfriend $ 200 to drive him to Jackson Hall, Wyoming.

“He told us he was camping for days without a fiancé. He said he had a fiancé and she was working on their social media page in their van,” Baker said. Said in the video.

During the ride, she said Laundry was “surprised” and demanded that she be removed from the car.

“He seems to say,’No, I need to go out now. You have to pull,'” Baker said in a video and later in an interview with ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

Baker said she and her boyfriend went out of the laundry near Jackson Lake Dam after 6 pm.

“To those who had been camping for days, he didn’t look dirty. He didn’t smell dirty,” Baker said.

Asked about Baker’s encounter with Laundry, Taylor told ABC News on Sunday, “We talked to her. Her timeline is plausible.”

The FBI specifically stated that he would be at the Spread Creek decentralized campsite from August 27th to 30th and would like to talk to couples and anyone who has seen their vans. Authorities said they would not comment on the details of the information in the investigation.

Schmidt received two text messages from his daughter’s phone a few days after talking to her, but it was unclear if it was actually sent by Petit.

Laundry lawyer Stephen P. Bertolino said in a statement last week: “Many people don’t make a statement or talk to law enforcement in the face of Mr. Petit’s absence. I’m wondering if that is the case. ” “In my experience, intimate partners are often the first person the law enforcement agency pays attention to in such cases, regardless of whether the client has anything to do with Ms.” The “used against you” warning is true. .. Petit’s disappearance. Therefore, on the advice of a lawyer, Mr. Laundry is not talking about this issue. “

ABC News contributed to this report.

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