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North Port, Florida-An autopsy of Gabby Petit’s body will take place, and the results may be open to the public. Meanwhile, Brian Laundry remains missing one day after his family’s home was searched by FBI agents.

A 22-year-old petite body was apparently found in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, on Sunday.

Gabby Petito 9/11 claims to have seen Brian Laundrie’s “slap” girl

The FBI took Laundry’s parents from home to a waiting van on the driveway at 10 am on Monday.

They stayed in the car for about 10 minutes and then returned to the car.

The investigator stayed at home with his family all day long.

Gabby Petito: All the timelines we know about her disappearance

At around 2:30 pm, they towed the Laundry Silver Mustang from the driveway. They also removed the evidence box. The search warrant indicated that they were looking for a laundromat computer.

Laundry and Petit lived with their parents before trekking.

Florida’s North Port police station said it was continuing its search in the Carlton Reserve on Tuesday.

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Last text message from Gabby Petito

According to another warrant filed in court in Sarasota County, Florida, Gabby Petit’s mother received a “strange text” on August 27. This is described as the “last communication” with Gabby.

Petito’s mother, Nicole Schmidt, said her last video chat with her daughter was on August 24th or 25th, but she exchanged text messages for the next few days. She said she wasn’t sure if her daughter actually sent those text messages.

Florida police have obtained a warrant searching for a hard drive found in the white van used by Petit and Brian Laundry when they disappeared.

Christine Thorne, who has taken up the case from the beginning, analyzes the next case of the Gabby Petit case.

This warrant, filed by the Northport Police Department, has nothing to do with activities at the Laundry House.

The detective said Petit’s mother “received a” strange text “from Gabby. The text message wrote, “Can you help Stan, I keep receiving his voicemail and missed calls.” The reference to “Stan” was about her grandfather, but according to her mother, she does not call him “Stan.” The mother was worried that her daughter might have something wrong. “

According to police, her family became more worried about her, saying the final message was “unusual behavior” for Petit.

Investigators searched the 2012 Ford Transit Van on September 14. In a warrant application, police said police found an external hard drive that technicians at the crime scene believed Petit “may contain executable digital forensic data to help locate it.”

Petit survey in Wyoming

Petito and Laundrie went out on the road in a modified van in July to visit a national park in the west. According to police, they had a fight along the way, and when they returned to their parents’ home in a van on September 1, Laundry was alone.

What appears to be Petit’s body was discovered by investigators on Sunday while searching for a campsite on the edge of Grand Teton National Park, where the couple visited.

“We haven’t completed a complete forensic identification to 100% confirm that we’ve found Gabby, but her family has been notified,” said FBI Special Agent Charles Jones. I did. “This is a very difficult time for Petit’s family and friends.”

Authorities closed an isolated Spread Creek decentralized campsite in the Bridget-Titon National Forest while looking for clues. They keep campers away from popular campgrounds. It is about 45 minutes from the town of Jackson.

Petit’s father, Joseph, tweeted a heartbreaking message after the discovery, saying, “She touched the world.”

“The news about Gabby Petit is heartbreaking. The Laundry family is praying for Gabby and her family,” a Laundry lawyer said Sunday night.

Separately on Monday, Brian’s sister Kathy Laundry shared exclusively with “Good Morning America” ​​the postcard she received from Petite while on a cross-country road trip, Brian Laundry.

Cassie Laundrie also shared one of the last text messages she received from Petito on August 10.

Petito told Cassie Laundrie that she was with Brian in Arches National Park, Utah, and asked Cassie Laundrie to send a picture of her children returning to school.

Kathy Laundry also said, “Now my husband and I want to offer our condolences and prayers to the Petit family. As Gabby always mentions them, the” boy “is fun and affectionate. It had a muffled influence. We value it. All the time I spent with her. “

Brian Laundry Search

Laundry was nominated to be involved in the case, but his whereabouts are unknown.

A weekend search of Florida’s nature reserves did not find a laundry, according to Northport police. They said in a statement that they “ran out of all the roads to find the site” in the 24,000-acre Carlton Reserve in Sarasota County.

Investigators were enthusiastic about the area after Laundry’s parents told police he might have gone there.

The Northport Police Department said it would continue its search on Tuesday morning in the Carlton Reserve, where Brian reportedly visited a week ago to go hiking. This time, they will search near the Venetian side of the area, officials said.

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Petito and Laundrie were childhood lovers they met when they grew up on Long Island. His parents later moved to Northport, about 35 miles south of Sarasota.

The engaged couple recorded their trip on YouTube and was scheduled to arrive in Portland in October.

They met the police once in Utah. Police pulled the couple’s van on August 12, after hitting a speeding and curb near the entrance to Arches National Park, according to a video released by Moab police. The body camera footage showed an upset petite.

Laundry said in a video that the couple was involved in a brawl after he climbed the van with his dirty feet. He said he did not want to pursue accusations of domestic violence against Petit, who was determined by police to be an invader.

On Monday, authorities released 911 calls That led to that investigation. You can hear the caller saying, “A gentleman was slapping a girl” before driving a car in a white van.

Social media tips

Since her disappearance, hints of the incident have appeared on social media.Miranda Baker said in TikTok video Picked up by her and her boyfriend Hitchhiking coin laundry Around Titon Park on August 29th.

Approximately 45 seconds after the Tik Tok video, Baker said, “It was a bit strange that he had no fiancé, as he offered to pay $ 200 to give him a ride like 10 miles.” I am.

Jembethoon, who is traveling the country with his family, posted a YouTube video shot in Teton County around 6 pm on August 27th. This shows a van that looks similar to Gabby, but police have not confirmed that it belongs to her.

Investigators are still seeking information from people who have seen couples around Grand Teton, according to the FBI.

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