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New York-ABC News Chief Regal Analyst Dan Abrams commented on the latest statement made by a Laundry lawyer in the Gabby Petite Missing Person case.

“I think some of the words used by the Laundrie family lawyers are strange. See the first statement:’It is our understanding that the Miss Petito search was organized. On behalf of the Laundrie family. And that’s our hope that Miss Petit’s search was successful and she reunited with her family. That is, isn’t that a very empathetic statement? If this is her boyfriend, the statement is next: Help.’But yes, this very noble response that there is a search and is very much hoping that it will succeed is that the world and other families “help us”. I think it’s a strange tone that a lawyer takes on behalf of a client when saying “please”. “”

Cecilia Vega, the anchor of “Good Morning America,” asked many questions. “Why do lawyers advise clients not to cooperate in proceedings?”

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“The most obvious answer is whether there is criminal information. The lawyer issued a second statement to explain that. In such cases, I’m reading the statement and look down. “In my experience, an intimate partner is often the first person the law enforcement officer pays attention to.” That’s true, but so far she’s missing. It is also a fact that it is. So for now, they want to find her, so you’ll think the kind of advice someone gives is a little different. Advice depends entirely on the information the lawyer has. “

Brian Laundry’s sister breaks silence with ABC Exclusive Gabby Petit: “She looks like her sister”

How much information does a lawyer know in such cases? George Stephanopoulos asked, “Do you think lawyers know?”

“I think lawyers make sense,” Abrams said. “I think lawyers at least make sense and sometimes know.”

Petit was traveling in a freight van with his fiancé Brian Laundry. When she mysteriously disappeared, the two were equipped as makeshift RVs for a month-long cross-country road trip.

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according to Confirmed GoFundMe page Founded to raise money and assist in the search for Petit, she was “last known to be heading to Yellowstone National Park in Grand Teton, Wyoming on August 25, 2009.”

Petito’s mother, Nicole Schmidt, said the last text message she received from her daughter was August 30th.

Her family said she didn’t believe the message was sent by Gabby.

The laundromat is said to have returned to his home in Northport, Florida on September 1st and shared with Petit and his parents.

Police said he drove a van there, and Petit wasn’t with him.

On Wednesday, September 15, Laundry was officially nominated as a person interested in Petit’s disappearance, and Northport police said he was blocking the investigation.

Laundry does not make available interviews or informative details provided by investigators.

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Gabby Petito case: Why isn’t Brian Laundrie talking? Legal Analyst breaks down the reasons Source link Gabby Petito case: Why isn’t Brian Laundrie talking? Legal Analyst breaks down the reasons

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