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New York-Gabby Petito’s family goes to court to defend a civil lawsuit they filed against their parents Brian LaundrieThe man, the investigator says, killed a young woman in 2021.

A Florida judge will determine on Wednesday whether Petite’s parents have sufficient evidence to file a proceeding and send the case to a jury trial.

“Laundry should be responsible for their actions and what they did after Gabby knew where Gabby was dead and where her body was,” said Patrick Riley, a lawyer for the Petite family. Said.

FBI agents say Laundry strangled Petite in Wyoming last summer and returned to Florida without her.

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Her disappearance triggered a national search, but Laundry and his family refused to speak to law enforcement agencies and Petit’s parents before Laundry himself disappeared.

Authorities later found his body in a swamp near next to a handwritten confession memo, Autopsy report Later, it was determined that Laundry died of a gunshot wound due to self-harm.

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The Petito family is now accusing their parents Christopher and Roberta Laundrie of “intentional mental distress in mental distress.” The proceedings alleged that the couple knew that her daughter had been murdered but said nothing, and instead called a lawyer to block communication with Gabby’s mother, Nicole Schmidt.

“They refused to return the phone, then they blocked her on her cell phone and blocked her on Facebook,” Riley said.

Neither Christopher nor Roberta Laundry publicly commented after Gabby’s disappearance.

Still, they are trying to dismiss the proceedings, and their lawyers call the Petites proceeding “unfounded.”

“The law does not require individuals to speak to a third party under any circumstances,” said Laundry lawyer Stephen Bertolino.

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He didn’t check if Laundry knew what happened to Gabby before her body was found, but advised Christopher and Roberta not to talk to anyone, including Petite’s family. Told

“You have the right to remain silent,” Bertolino said. “You have the right to allow your lawyer to speak for you, and you have the right to any third party, whether it is the victim’s family or the victim. Should not be held responsible. “

Dan Abrams, chief legal analyst at ABC News, said Petite’s family is facing a difficult court battle.

“Laundry lawyers make a fair claim … As a legal matter, you don’t legally provide information to help you investigate. It’s very rare to sue it, and it’s very rare to win. It’s difficult, “Abrams said. “The proceedings are fairly broad and fairly vague, so today’s hearing is very important if this is sufficient as a legal issue to send this to the jury.”

In December, Schmidt told ABC News about turning his daughter’s death into a mission to fight domestic violence and find the missing.

“I don’t want to see this happen to others. Only awareness is empowering people,” she said.

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Gabby Petito’s family lawsuit against Brian Laundrie’s parents to be tested in court Source link Gabby Petito’s family lawsuit against Brian Laundrie’s parents to be tested in court

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