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Gaffney leaders host ceremony, memorial for residents lost to COVID-19 – Valley Stream, New York

Valley Stream, New York 2021-10-16 09:51:53 –

Gaffney, South Carolina (WSPA) — Cherokee County leaders hosted a ceremony this morning giving loved ones the opportunity to honor their lives to families who died on COVID-19.

Gaffney leaders have placed nearly 200 flags in Jolly Park to represent the lives lost so far during the COVID-19 pandemic at the commemorative ceremony on Friday morning. According to the city, it was inspired by the US Capitol monument, which displayed nearly 700,000 flags. The city wants to give families the opportunity to commemorate their loved ones.

The flag represents 200 neighbors, friends, mother and father, daughter and son, sister and brother, and lost to COVID-19 here in Cherokee County.

“We lost a Gaffney firefighter who died because of COVID-19, a few members who were hospitalized with a COVID, and friends all over the state who died,” said Gaffney fire chief Jaime Cagiano. say. , Said.

Even the representative of Gaffney’s citizens is Missy Norris, a councilor who led the monument to help other families lose their families at COVID-19.

“What we want is a family coming out. It’s here until Monday. A table with a sharpie where you can come out, raise the flag and write a personal message about your family. Walk to, put the flag back, and it will be on display until Monday, “says Caggiano.

Mayor Randy Moss said the monument would give families the opportunity to mourn their loved ones who may not have had the opportunity to receive proper burial services.

Dr. Randy Moss, Mayor of Gaffney, said, “It’s especially important for those who couldn’t have a funeral and couldn’t get together because of the limited number of people who could attend.”

The ceremony on Friday morning was full of prayers, tears, words of encouragement, memories and called on more people in the area to be vaccinated.

“Get the vaccine. It’s very simple, available and free. Get boosters and help each other,” said Dr. Moss.

Norris encourages people living in Cherokee County to come out and write a message about their loved ones and friends who lost to COVID-19. The monument will continue until Monday 17th, after which the exhibition will be moved to the visitor center.

Gaffney leaders host ceremony, memorial for residents lost to COVID-19 Source link Gaffney leaders host ceremony, memorial for residents lost to COVID-19

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