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Gaffney mayor’s wife, and council member battle it out in court over restraining orders – Valley Stream, New York

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Gaffney, South Carolina (WSPA) – After a fierce mayoral election in Gaffney last year, tensions between the current mayor’s wife, Anamos, and city council members landed them in courts vying each other for detention orders. ..

On Friday morning, Stephanie Smith, a Gaffney city council member in District 2, and her lawyer consist of Facebook posts and comments to prove that Gaffney’s wife, Anamos, is harassing her. Presented more than 35 pages of evidence. From social media.

After more than five hours of tearful and digging into the details of the harassment, the judge said Smith and Moss’ allegations explained defamation rather than harassment, and opposed both demands of the detention order. I decided to do it.

“Lawyers are always disagreeable, and judges can be disagreeable. We disagree with what we thought was our burden. We proved our claim. I thought, “said Smith’s lawyer.

Smith claimed to have been threatened and harassed through a Facebook post by Anamos over the past year. It all began during the 2020 mayoral race, when Randy Moss and Steph Smith faced a daunting political battle for the mayor’s seat. Both parties claimed that their campaign and supporters launched attacks on each other.

In Smith’s testimony on Friday, she referred to Facebook posts and comments posted by Anamos, who insisted that “she needs to be removed from the lives of Gaffney’s citizens,” and her “burn in hell.” I mentioned “the soul that is.”

Smith said these types of comments fear not only her safety, but also the safety of her family.

“I need my soul to be dead to burn in hell. I signed up to serve our city, I didn’t sign up to be threatened.”

Some residents witnessed the post directly.

“She was heckled, but it’s Facebook. To live in Gaffney, you need to have thick skin. That’s a drama and that’s why you live in the countryside,” said David, a resident of Gaffney. Elmore said.

For Smith, it’s deeper than Facebook. She submitted three police reports related to alleged harassment, stating that her mental health had been hit in the past year.

However, Anna Moss claims she is being attacked. She said her Facebook page usually consists of posts that empower women and express concerns about the community.

She filed a petition to Smith requesting her own restraint order. In her testimony, Moss accused Smith of using her “political power” as a city council member to publicly attack and humiliate her and her family.

To prove her case, Moss testified about what happened at a meeting at the city hall in May.

Several witnesses were called in to testify, including former Gaffney police assistant chief Ronaldrumsey, Randy Moss voters, and city council member Melissa Norris.

Moss’ lawyer is believed to have issued a detention order because Smith is angry about losing the mayor’s race and wants to help his chances if he plans to run for re-election next year. He said he was.

Long-time residents said they were just fed up with the drama.

“They need to keep all the dramas at home. Don’t drag them into the office together. Keep them at home,” said William Bristol, a 73-year-old resident of Gaffney.

Both parties were denied because of their request to suppress the order. Smith filed a proceeding against Moss for defamation in June.

Gaffney mayor’s wife, and council member battle it out in court over restraining orders Source link Gaffney mayor’s wife, and council member battle it out in court over restraining orders

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