Ganga Ghat

Ganga Ghat

                                     Ganga Ghat

The state of Maharashtra is blessed with the bounty of Mother Nature. The holy river Godavari flows across this state, especially in the Nasik district of Maharashtra. Nasik falls under the category of one of the important divine places in India. The story of the city of Nasik goes down to the epic Ramayana. It is said that the Panchvati area of Nasik was the place where Lord Ram along with his wife and brother had spent some part of his exile from his kingdom. There exists several temples dedicated to Lord Ram in and around this place.

 The blessed river Godavari is also considered extremely pious in Hindu mythology. The Ganga Ghat lies on the banks of this river. A dip in this river is believed to cleanse one of one’s sins. Ganga Ghat is a major pilgrimage center at Nasik. Pilgrims flood in here throughout the year. A very unique façade of Ganga Ghat is visible during the Kumbh Mela. The festival is conducted every 12 years and is considered extremely auspicious among Hindus. One can find millions of people gathered at the banks of the river Godavari.

More about Ganga Ghat

The famous Ganga Ghat was built by Ahilyabai Holkar. There are several temples near this ghat including the famous Jyotirlinga, Trimbakeshwar. So, when in here one can go and seek the blessings of Lord Shiva too at this temple. The area in and around Ganga Ghat is a wonderful spot for devotees of Lord Shiva. One can sense the divine love for Lord Shiva in the very aura of this place. The existence of some major temples here adds on to the divinity of the place.

A dip in the waters of the Ganga Ghat makes one feel spiritually uplifted. In order to have this divine experience one has to visit this place first hand. A visit here will definitely make one realize the difference lest all this will seem mere words. So, if you are a person who is on the spiritual side then a visit to Ganga Ghat is a must.

Ganga Ghat is crowded round the year. This place is not just crowded by pilgrims, pundits and monks but also by common people. Seekers of peace come in here and sit by the banks of this river. One cans it here and just enjoy the sight of the gushing river.

Ganga Ghat is a major spot for pundits to conduct religious rites. Rivers are revered in Hinduism. They are personified as gods and goddesses. So, Ganga Ghat is the hub for conduction of holy ceremonies. People from different parts of Maharashtra come in here to do the same. But on the downside this has led to the pollution of this sacred water body. So, one must keep in mind that one’s activities does not cause any kind of menace.

One can take some really unique pictures too when in here. This place is in a way devoid from modern elements of the contemporary world. One can find groups of people carrying out religious duties on one side while on the other side one can find flocks of devotees lining the very ghat. One does not get to witness such vibrant and cheerful group of people every day.

A Tourist’s Guide

Ganga Ghat welcomes people of all castes and creed. One can reach this place via public transport or private vehicle. Public transport facility is very sound in this area as it the major religious hub of the city. One can find auto, bus and cab facility easily. The nearest railway station from here is Nasik Road Railway Station which is km away from Ganga Ghat. The nearest airport from Ganga Ghat is Gandhinagar International Airport. The airport is km away from here.

One can easily find accommodation facility if one is planning to stay here. Ganga Ghat looks spectacular during sunrise and sunset. It feels as if the lord is showering one with the bounty of his blessings. Hotels ranging from budget hotels to premium luxury hotels can be found in Nasik.

A visit to Ganga Ghat will definitely be a rejuvenating experience. If one gets to visit this place during the Kumbh Mela then that will indeed be a bonus. The sight of vibrant faces all cuddled at one place resonates positivity all around the place. Thus, a trip to Ganga Ghat will be an endearing one.

Vaagisha Singh

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