Gangapur Dam

Gangapur Dam

                                      Gangapur Dam

The state of Maharashtra is blessed with the holy river Godavari. The river is considered scared as it has interesting mythological backgrounds to it. The river on one hand quenches the thirst of many a people and on the other hand causes disastrous floods. In other to prevent this various dams are housed in this river. These dams are built for some a number of reasons. One such dam is Gangapur Dam on river Godavari in Nasik.

Gangapur Dam is an earth fill dam. Earth fill dams are also known as earthen dams, earth dams or rolled-earth dams. These dams are constructed as a simple embankment of well compacted earth. This is the basic structure of such dams.

More about the Dam

Gangapur Dam was established in the year 1965. It is owned by the Government of Maharashtra, India. The length of this dam in meters is 36.59. The storage capacity of this dam is 215, 880.00 cubic kilometers. But its storage capacity has gradually lessened. The factors that have led to this are silt deposition in the reservoir area and high civilization on the right side of the canal. These two factors have proved to be a negative influence on the dam. In order to curb this problem an upstream dam known as the Kashypi Dam has been created. It was opened in the year 1998.

The main purpose of construction of this dam is irrigation. The state of Maharashtra produces a bounty of agricultural products. These include fruits like grapes, mangoes, bananas, oranges. In addition to this wheat, rice, bajra, jowar, cotton, sugarcane, turmeric and tobacco are the other crops grown in here. Agriculture requires irrigation for providing a profitable yield. Gangapur Dam helps in attaining this reality. Around seventy percent of India’s population is involved in agriculture. Thus, the construction of dams is a must in order to help farmers. Gangapur Dam very well serves its purpose.

Gangapur Dam: A Tourist Spot.

Gangapur Dam is a popular tourist destination. The natural beauty of this place is spell bounding. This dam is the longest earthen reservoir of Asia. It is also the only dam made up of lime and mud. These specialties of this very dam make sit all the more interesting. One must visit this place when in Nasik.

Gangapur Dam is located in a green belt. In short this place is full of greenery. The peace and calm of this place coupled with the green and serene aura make it a heavenly spot. The ones who like exploring nature must make sure to visit this place.

Gangapur dam gives one ample picturesque spots to take photographs. The wonderful landscapes exhibited in here makes will definitely excite photography fanatics. The serene waters of the dam is extremely alluring. One can sit here for hours and yet not get tired of appreciating the beauty of this place.

One can come here with friends and family to spend some quality time. Picnics in here will also be definitely exciting. This place is undisturbed by outside influences. There is no room for the hustle and bustle here. One can sit and chat here peacefully.

The dams looks heavenly during the monsoon season. The clouds overcast look like a beautiful veil on the waters of the dam below. The beautiful ambience of this place during this time of the year is blissful. One must not miss an opportunity to visit Gangapur Dam and get soaked in the grey and black of the clouds. Summers are also pleasant in here. The temperature during summers is about 25 degrees. So, if you looking for an escape from hot summers then this is your pick.

Gangapur dam backwaters is a wonderful place to sit and hang out with friends. One gets a chance to enjoy some amazing scenery here. This adds up to the overall experience and makes conversations even more lively and interesting.

A Tourist’s Guide

The nearest railway station from Gangapur Dam is Nasik Road railway Station which is at a distance of 25 km from here. It takes around half an hour to reach the dam from the railway station. One can take public transport which is easily available in order to reach the dam. The nearest airport from here is Gandhinagar Military Airport. It is at a distance of 21 km from here.

One can browse through the various accommodation option available in Nasik. One can either book hotels online of offline as per one’s convenience.

Gangapur Dam is a wonderful place to explore. It is one of the most famous and old dams in the state of Maharashtra. A visit to this place will definitely be a memorable experience.

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