Garden City hosts 2021 State of the City address – Wichita, Kansas

Wichita, Kansas 2021-10-20 12:19:07 –

Garden City, Kansas (KSNW)-Garden City hosted an annual city state speech for members of the Garden City Area Chamber of Commerce.

Mayor Roy Cessna talked about the successful projects that Garden City completed throughout last year and future projects for Garden City. One of them is the new terminal at Garden City Regional Airport, which is the subject of voting issues for Garden City residents. November 2

The mayor praised many of last year’s successful projects, including the Jenne Barker Road project, continued refurbishment of the Buffalo Dunes Golf Course, and the success of Garden Rapids in the Big Pool, which has an average of 900 visitors a day on weekdays. 1200 visitors on weekends.

Some of the city’s future projects discussed in the city’s states include the redevelopment of 8th Avenue, the construction of a new 11-acre park, and the construction of a new shooting range on Old Highway 83, which is due to be completed in 2024. It is included.

Garden City Matt Allen’s city manager discussed new features that will come with the new $ 30 million airport terminal, including advanced safety and security technology, a panoramic area of ​​the airfield, and a sealed boarding bridge to the aircraft.

On November 2, voters will decide how the city will pay $ 8 million at the new airport terminal. A “yes” vote on this issue will result in the City of Garden City collecting a 0.15% retail sales tax, and a “no” vote will result in a 2.85 million increase in the city’s fixed income and interest property taxes.

Garden City hosts 2021 State of the City address Source link Garden City hosts 2021 State of the City address

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