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Garey Forster: Who’s vetting Joe Biden’s incompetent appointments, like Mitch Landrieu? | Opinion – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-11-25 19:00:00 –

When LaToya Cantrell took over Mitch Landrew as mayor, the newspaper said: .. “

A group of contractors has accused Mayor Landrew for a slow start to a $ 2 billion worth of road construction projects funded by FEMA through the 2015 settlement. “Mayor LaToya Cantrell has decided to make the failure of S & WB under his predecessor (Mitch Landrew) part of the campaign to secure more funding for financially deprived utilities. Dedicated her first year. She also has miles of road construction that is blocking the streets of today’s city, but the FEMA money secured by Landrieu needs to be spent immediately, but never. I claimed it was because I didn’t. “

Fasten your seat belts; it may take some time to see something from the hundreds of billions of dollars project that President Joe Biden hired Landrew for supervision. This newspaper reports: “The total cost of the terminal (of the new airport) and the roads to it is about twice the $ 650 million estimate advertised in 2013 by then-Mayor of New Orleans Mitch Landrew and an external consultant at the airport. The road he forgot to include is not yet complete because he suffers from terminal subsidence and piping problems.

Maybe having Landrew in charge is how Biden doubles his money?

If you think Kamala Harris was the right choice for Vice President, you’re definitely a minority, according to her latest work rating: 28% approved / 51% disapproved, USA Today / Suffolk 23 Polling that is crushing the net negative of the point.

Then, choosing the small town Mayor Pete Butigeg (South Bend’s population of 102,000, budget of $ 300 million) was a good choice for the Transport Secretary, who spends $ 579 billion before passing the $ 1 trillion infrastructure project bill. You will think. Forget the ports that are currently at stake due to supply chain backups of over 1 million containers that Butigeg did not anticipate or have no plans to resolve.

Now you’re going to love Mitch Landrew in the work they made for him, the emperor of infrastructure, so the US Senate can’t confirm him, and investigate his qualifications or lack of anything. There is no.

Wondering why Biden’s polls are so low? In a recent Rasmussen report poll, Biden was 41% approved, 58% disapproved, or 17 points underwater. No one knows who is calling the shot. No one knew who was running Biden’s campaign, and no one was running the administration. Sure, it’s not Joe Biden. Only three cabinet meetings in 10 months.

As Biden said in July, Mayor Mitch failed and Mayor Pete failed. COVID-19 is not “in progress” by anyone who is the ultimate decision maker of Afghanistan’s withdrawal. With the security crisis on the southern border and the highest inflation rate of 6.2% in 31 years, Biden has been funding non-promised “temporary” inflation since June.

Even the Washington Post, a supporter of Biden, states that “Biden underestimates the problems facing the country,” and the White House repeatedly underestimates the scale of the challenges facing the country. An increasing number of Democrats are concerned about being there.

Biden’s mere hiring of old political addicts has failed, and the country is therefore suffering because unqualified politicians do jobs that are not trained to do.

You will be wondering who is reviewing Biden’s recruitment.according to freebeacon.comBiden’s choice to oversee $ 1.2 trillion in infrastructure spending is a top advisor, citing Republicans who oppose the role of Landrew. To industry groups seeking investment in China In American infrastructure.

Yes, Mitch Landrew served as a strategic advisor to the American China Comfort Association, which supports cultural and business exchanges between China and the 20 central states of the United States. The association is frequently affiliated with the front group of the Chinese Communist Party, which operates abroad.

If you approve Biden’s work 41% and none of the issues bother you, you’re probably in favor His latest pick for the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Trained Communist, Saul Omarova. Omarova graduated from Moscow State University in 1989 with a Lenin Private Academic Scholarship. Her dissertation from MSU is entitled “Karl Marx’s Economic Analysis and Theory of Revolution in’Capital'”.

She probably doesn’t like the word “emperor” very much.

“People who can’t learn from history are destined to repeat it,” Winston Churchill said. History does not actually repeat because every historical moment is different, but you need to learn from mistakes so that it does not repeat.

In the world of social media and constant communication, it is important to understand and process information. Maybe we chose an old dog who couldn’t learn new tricks?

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Gary Forster is a former chairman of the Labor Industry Commission of the Louisiana House of Representatives and a former Secretary of Labor of Louisiana. His column runs weekly.Email him

Garey Forster: Who’s vetting Joe Biden’s incompetent appointments, like Mitch Landrieu? | Opinion Source link Garey Forster: Who’s vetting Joe Biden’s incompetent appointments, like Mitch Landrieu? | Opinion

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