Gas prices continue to rise while the United States exports more oil

As with summer trips and winters in South America, gas price easing will not soon be brought to U.S. consumers. diesel Demand plummets in arenas that are already crowded with pinched logistics and ongoing the meantime Gasoline price Russia stopped rising as quickly as it did shortly after its invasion of Ukraine, with the national average rising another $ 0.50 from a month ago.

Most of the country has made a conscious decision to put off the Covid era, especially despite warnings from urban municipalities that exposure and risk of infection remain high in crowded areas and indoor spaces. , Travel is expected to recover significantly this summer. As of Wednesday, the national average price for a regular unleaded gallon was $ 4.59. Price every day US state average is over $ 4.00 / gallon, AAA show.

Gasoline, diesel and jet fuel shipped from the US Gulf in April amount to 2.09 million barrels per day. Bloomberg Report.. Most went to Latin America. In Latin America, demand for diesel fuel remains high during the winter in the Southern Hemisphere. Mexico is expected to become a major customer of American diesel, which is $ 1 per gallon higher than regular gasoline.

American travelers use less diesel, but supply chains that are already struggling will feel more and more under pressure. Truck drivers are already concerned about the increased uncompensated costs that could drive small owners-operators out of business. Higher fuel overhead to deal with.. The average retail price of diesel exceeded $ 5.50 / gallon this month. This is the highest record dating back to 2005.

Prices are reacting to futures contracts and decades of record stockpiles, further putting pressure on consumers to deal with rising inflation. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine tightened its global supply of fuel and created fierce international competition for diesel produced in the US Gulf.

Analysts say export demand is expected to settle more than US demand. This means that as the crisis progresses, supply problems will diminish, but that is not always consistent with pump bailouts.

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Gas prices continue to rise while the United States exports more oil

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