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Gay and bisexual men can now donate blood in England, Scotland and Wales.

The United Kingdom National Health Service (NHS) announced on Monday that it has changed its eligibility requirements. This allows men who have sex with men to donate blood, platelets, and plasma.

According to the NHS, historic changes have been made in part to be more comprehensive while keeping blood equally safe.

Eligibility in these countries is currently based on individual circumstances surrounding health, travel and sexual behavior, and has proven to be at high risk for sexually transmitted diseases.

According to the NHS, blood donors will no longer be asked if they have had sex with other men, removing the element of previous population-based risk-based assessment.

Instead, authorities say, regardless of gender, individuals attending to give blood will be asked if they have sex and, if so, recent sexual behavior. Anyone who has had the same sexual partner for the past three months is eligible to donate.

The process of giving blood does not change.

Under the change, people have had the same sexual partner for the past three months, or have a new sexual partner who has not had anal sex, and no recent exposure to STI or recent exposure is known. You can donate to. Use of PrEP or PEP. This means that more men who have sex with men are eligible to donate.

Changes in the UK occur when blood donations are needed more than ever. During the pandemic, blood donations have historically been low in some countries, including the United States, where gay and bisexual men still have limited ability to donate blood.

But The FDA relaxed that restriction last year Regarding the fact that gay men are allowed to donate, the agency’s current policy states that men who have had sex with another man in the last three months cannot donate. Previously, such donors were required to wait 12 months before giving blood. These policies have been in place since the HIV / AIDS epidemic began in the 1980s.

Just monday American Red Cross He said the increase in the number of trauma cases, organ transplants, and selective surgery requiring blood products in recent months has exhausted the country’s blood inventory. We are begging those who are eligible to donate to do so.

The Red Cross also says it is working to expand the ability of gay and bisexual men to donate blood.

“The Red Cross is aware of the scars this policy has caused to much of the LGBTQ + community and believes that blood donation eligibility should not be determined in a sexually oriented manner.” American Red Cross.. “We are committed to working with our partners to achieve this goal.”

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