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GE Invests $5 Million in the Next Generation of Greenville Engineers – Valley Stream, New York

Valley Stream, New York 2021-10-18 00:04:08 –

GE has announced that it will begin investing $ 5 million in Greenville, South Carolina for five years. Next engineer, A global university preparatory program designed to increase the diversity of young people in engineering.

GE has four appointments aimed at inspiring more than 3,500 local students aged 13-18, providing a first-hand experience in engineering, and providing financial support to pursue further education in engineering. I chose Green Building as one of the locations.

In April 2021, GE $ 100 million program Over the next 10 years, we aim to reach more than 85,000 students in approximately 25 cities around the world. GE implements in direct collaboration with Clemson University Next engineer Locally.

John Intile, vice president of GE Gas Power Engineering, said: “GE’s ongoing and accelerated partnership with Clemson University is key to our success, including the recent announcement of the GE John Lammas Annual Scholarship to assist undervalued students. This program is the key to our success in engineering. Introducing students to the world of engineering at a young age, communicating the career opportunities that accompany their degree, most importantly because they reach their own potential and tackle complex real-world issues. Will be able to develop the skills needed for. “

Serita Acker, Executive Director of PEER & WISE at Clemson University’s University of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences, said: “Next Engineers are well-positioned to expand and diversify the system from kindergarten to high school and the pipeline from higher education to the workforce. GE remains one of the most important corporate partners and STEM. Thank you for your efforts to pave the way for your career. “

Next engineer We offer three exciting programs to draw students on the path to engineering research. Starting today, students can begin applying for the third program, the Engineering Academy.

  • Engineering discovery For students aged 13-14 (8th grade) and their parents. It aims to raise awareness through multiple short one-hour exploratory experiences and hands-on activities that connect students with real engineers. Sessions are provided by classroom or community volunteers to inspire young people early and emphasize a wide range of engineering careers.
  • Engineering camp For students aged 14 to 15 (9th grade). Develop engineering identities through a week of immersive camp experience during school breaks, where students interact with experienced engineering faculty to complete design tasks that solve real-world problems and interact directly. The purpose is that. With professional engineers and business leaders.
  • Engineering Academy For students aged 15-18 (9th-12th grades) with the goal of instructing and encouraging students to earn an engineering degree. The Engineering Academy is a three-year college preparatory program for high school students who learn to think and act like an engineer and help them prepare for success in college-level engineering majors. The program provides 80 hours of out-of-school programming annually. The program includes longer assignments and climax projects, career coaching to expose students to different engineering pathways, and college preparatory workshops. Students enrolled in the Higher Education Engineering Program will also receive a scholarship from the GE Foundation.

Students, teachers and the community can get the latest information and more information at the following URL:

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GE Invests $5 Million in the Next Generation of Greenville Engineers Source link GE Invests $5 Million in the Next Generation of Greenville Engineers

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